Citrus Salmon

In ancient Europe, citrus fruit symbolized the brightness and warmth of the sun. During the winter months, hopeful families adorned their homes with orange slices and warm herbs to wish for the sun’s return. These wise ancients recognized and honored the uplifting benefits of citrus.

At Market of Choice, we believe winter is the perfect time to celebrate citrus too. And, because they complement each other so well, we’re inviting fennel to the party this year!

From January through March you’ll find many ways to celebrate citrus and fennel throughout our stores.

From Produce and Kitchen to the Bakery and Barista, nearly every department is joining the festivities.

Here are some of the exciting offerings you can expect at your local Market this winter.

Party in the Produce Department

The Produce department is bursting with unique citrus fruits and fresh fennel. Here are some highlights.

MandarinsRising C Ranches will be delivering their amazing selection of tree-ripened mandarins including Page, Murcott, and Gold Nugget mandarins.

Meyer Lemons and Sweet Limes – exactly what they sound like: sweet citrus. They’re zesty enough to enhance your favorite recipes, and sweet enough to snack on.

Pomelo Grapefruits – This large citrus boasts a unique green skin and makes an absolutely delicious snack with sweeter-than-grapefruit flesh.

Seville Sour Oranges – If you want to hide out in the kitchen while the rain and snow are falling outside, try cooking a batch of marmalade with Seville Sour Oranges.

Buddha’s Hand Citron – Resembling a lemon with long, funky fingers, this fruit is hard to miss! It’s extremely aromatic and great for zesting or infusing your favorite vodkas, gins and other alcohols. This diverse fruit is also fantastic for freshening up small spaces such as closets. Try leaving it out on your table for a fresh-scented kitchen.

Fennel – A wonderfully herbaceous produce with a mild anise flavor. It’s as versatile in recipes as onions. Try shaving the bulbs and using them raw, dicing them into a sauté or slow cooking them to concentrate the sweetness and flavor. Pair fennel with citrus in everything from cocktail recipes, to salads and marinades.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice – Every Market of Choice produce department has its own Zummo juicer for making freshly squeezed orange juice. You can pick up a bottle for yourself any time of year.

Shindig in the Kitchen

Expect to find amazing, ready-to-eat choices featuring citrus and fennel in our Kitchen this season. Enjoy these flavors in salads, salmon, marinades, sandwiches and more.

Mediterranean Salmon with Citrus and Fennel – A flavorful combination of roasted Arctic salmon topped with fresh fennel bulb and navel and blood oranges to create a beautiful, bright and healthy recipe.

Winter Citrus and Fennel Beet Salad – This wholesome side blends the refreshing flavors of grapefruit and oranges tossed with pickled fennel and roasted beets in a light and lovely dressing with hints of mint.

Beef and Fennel Meatballs – A new favorite in the Market Kitchen. These delicious, all-beef meatballs are loaded with freshly minced fennel, garlic and onions roasted and smothered in marinara.

Lemon Pesto Chicken Breasts – One of our most popular recipes ever! Our juicy chicken breasts are marinated in lemon juice and pesto, then lightly grilled for a delicious, protein-packed meal.

Citrus Pork and Apple Fennel Slaw Sandwich – The perfect, grab-and-go lunch. Our soft roll is piled high with thinly sliced citrus roasted pork loin, pickled fennel and balanced with shaved apples.

Orange Creamsicle Bread Pudding – Don’t forget dessert! Our bread puddings are legendary, and the new Orange Creamsicle Bread Pudding is no exception. Made with layers of creamy vanilla custard, mildly flavored with real orange zest and fresh squeezed orange juice, this pudding is then finished with a fresh, orange glaze drizzled on top.

Bee-bop to the Bakery

Check out these unique, citrus-flavored goodies in the Bakery too.

Southern Lemon Pie – Indulge in lemony goodness, southern style! Our creamy, lemon custard is baked to perfection and topped with house-made vanilla whipping cream and a fresh, lemon garnish.

Orange Rolls – Our scratch-made Orange Rolls are freshly baked and filled with orange, then topped with rich, vanilla cream cheese icing.

Have a Ball at the Barista

Be sure to stop by the Barista and pick up a well-deserved specialty drink or smoothie to enjoy while you shop. Here are a couple of our favorite citrus drinks from the Barista.

Super C Energizer Smoothie – Help support a healthy immune system with the Super C Energizer Smoothie. This tasty blend of strawberry, pineapple, fresh spinach and orange juice is a refreshing way to get the vitamins your body needs most in the winter time. This smoothie has almost three times the USDA daily minimum recommendation for Vitamin C (2,000 calories diet).

Tangerine Borgia – is a hot ganache-made mocha with a beautiful citrus chaser. This is one of our favorite hot drinks with a hint of tangerine in rich, chocolate brew.

Published On: January 9th, 2023

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