Fall Festival of Cheese

A Taste of Place with Cheeses from Oregon, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain

Enjoy a taste of place with cheeses from around the globe including Oregon, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain. Every 2 weeks from 9/22 to 11/02 we’ll highlight different cheeses worldwide and their distinct cheesemaking style.

Cheese shop, charcuterie boards, cheese mongers

A World of Cheese Awaits

Our expert cheesemongers have thoughtfully chosen regional favorites to perfectly complement your next meal. From velvety Camembert with its delicate bloomy rind and creamy interior to the firm and nutty character of Manchego, we’ve got you covered.  Stop by your local Market of Choice and explore a world of cheese.

OREGON: 9/22 – 10/05

Distinctly local cheeses from some of our best creameries

FRANCE & SWITZERLAND 10/06 – 10/19

Where cold climate and mountainous terrain influence tradition and flavor

ITALY & SPAIN 10/20 – 11/02

The diverse microclimates of the Mediterranean influence a wide variety of cheesemaking styles