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Thrilling Foods of Portland uses Old World cooking methods, such as salt-and-smoke curing, to craft their inventive product – a plant-based bacon alternative called Bakon – with a flavor that’s so close to pork, “that even meat eaters can’t tell the difference,” says company co-owner David Jones.

David wanted to eat less meat for the good of his health, the health of the planet, and to the benefit of domesticated animals, such as pigs, from which pork bacon is made.

In fact, David is so committed to the protection of domesticated animals that he donates money to nonprofit farm animal sanctuaries. “Our company mission statement requires us to reduce harm wherever possible,” he says.

David studied the plant-based meat market and realized that most of the options were highly processed and “did not taste good.”

So, he set out to improve plant-based meat offerings. Along with business partner Jared Hansen, David decided to transform bacon first, developing their unique, plant-based Bakon.

Theirs is made from non-GMO and sustainable soybeans, using an age-old tofu-making process, enhanced with natural flavors and finished with a traditional salt-and-smoke cure. Bakon is vegan and keto-friendly and available in Maple Black Peppercorn flavor.

Bakon is best enjoyed cooked, David says, and used just as you would traditional bacon. Try it with eggs or tossed into pastas, or simply fried for a delicious BLT sandwich.

Look for Thrilling Foods’ thick-sliced Bakon in your Market of Choice grocery aisle.

David adds, “Market of Choice is an amazing and responsive part of the community, and they truly are working and rooting for the prosperity and success of all of the local providers whose products they sell.”

Published On: March 29th, 2022

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