American Cheese Month

American Cheese Month

It’s American Cheese Month!

To celebrate American Cheese month we’re highlighting cheeses from Wisconsin, the nation’s most famous cheese region. Our mongers have selected a choice set of artisanal cheeses that we feel best represent the finest of Wisconsin. Don’t know much about Wisconsin cheese? Ask your Market Cheesemonger to share their insights, favorites and details about this rich, American cheese-producing region and don’t forget to ask for a taste of the featured cheeses.

Market of Choice

Cheddar House

House 18 Month Cheddar
We hand selected our 18 Month, A-grade, Wisconsin House cheddar to be your ideal, everyday cheese.

House Blue

House Blue
This award winning, mild double crème blue from Wisconsin is perfect for crumbling over a salad or melting on a steak fresh off the grill.



Sartori Asiago Classic and Rosemary & Olive Oil
Unique and crowd-pleasing Italian-style cheeses that have been handcrafted in Wisconsin since 1939. Enjoy the mild, nutty flavor of Asiago.

Sartori Bellavitano Gold

Bella Vitano Gold, Balsamic and Merlot
Italian-style cheeses with a hard but creamy texture and flavor notes of rich cheddar and savory Parmesan.



1,000 Day Reserve Gouda
An exceptional, 1000-day aged, raw milk, farmstead gouda from award-winning cheesemaker Marieke Penterman.

Marieke Gouda Wedges

Cumin and Foenegreek
Delicious and creamy raw milk goudas, available studded with zesty cumin or sweet and nutty foenegreek.

Ellsworth Creamery

Ellsworth Cheese Curds

Ellsworth Curds
These Wisconsin-made, white cheddar cheese curds are perfect for everyday snacking or for homemade Poutine.

Carr Valley Cheese

Carr Valley Bread Cheese

Bread Cheese
A Scandinavian-inspired cheese that is baked to form a toasty crust. Heat in a skillet for grilled cheese without the bread!