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Savories Weekly

Quantity / WeightSale PriceRegular PriceSavingsAttributes
St Louis style Pork Spareribs1 LB5.999.99$4.00 Local
Royal Ranch Beef Skirt Steak1lb14.9919.99$5.00
Butter & Egg Rolls 12 CT3.994.99$1.00
Organic Leeks1lb2.993.99$1.00
Pans Mushroom Jerky Select Varieties2.2oz5.496.99$1.50 Local, G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Lara Bar Select Varieties1.6oz 4/ 5.002.19$0.94 G-Free, Plant Based
Vida Mate Drink Select Varieties + Deposit16oz 2/ 5.003.49$0.99
Richard's Rainwater Select Varieties + Deposit12oz0.791.19$0.40 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based
Fresh Whole Fryer1lb2.493.49$1.00 Local
Chipotle Lime Skirt Steak1lb16.9920.99$4.00 G-Free
Columbia River King Salmon Fillet1 LB20.9922.99$2.00
Bubbles Project Metodo Italiano750ml11.9914.99$3.00
Community Cellars Pinot Gris750ml15.9919.99$4.00 Organic, Local
Ninkasi Brewing 6pk +deposit Select Varieties12oz10.4912.99$2.50 Local
Cascade Brewing Citrus Sage 12oz +Deposit12oz4.495.99$1.50 Local
Elevator Colombia Ildefonso Cordoba 12oz12oz18.9924.49$5.50
Pink Lady Apples1lb1.491.99$0.50
On-The-Vine Cluster Tomatoes1lb1.992.99$1.00
Organic Shiitake Mushrooms1lb12.9914.99$2.00
Organic Kale1ea1.992.99$1.00
Organic Bulk Carrots1 LB1.491.99$0.50
Dried Turkish Apricots1lb7.998.69$0.70
Fresh Ground Almond Butter1lb7.998.99$1.00
Roasted and Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts1lb11.9913.99$2.00
Bagel Sampler32pc12.9912.99$0.00
Picnic Cakes1ea12.9914.99$2.00
No Bake Cookies4.3oz2.993.99$1.00 Local, G-Free
Gerbera Daisies5ct6.997.99$1.00
Roasted Cauliflower with Aleppo Pepper & Cashews1lb11.9911.99$1.00 G-Free, Vegan
Family Sized Green Salads1ea14.9914.99$0.00 G-Free
Oregon Orchard Chicken Salad Croissant1ea11.9911.99$0.00
Mediterranean Orzo Salad1lb11.9911.99$0.00
Spanakopita1lb14.9914.99$0.00 Plant Based
Coro Salami Chubs5oz11.9914.99$3.00 KETO
Portland Creamery Whey Syrups3.4oz5.996.99$1.00 Local
Abacela Vintner's Blend750ml17.9923.99$6.00 Local
Cascadia Creamery Glacier Blue1lb24.9929.99$5.00 Local
La Panzanella Mini Croccantini6oz4.995.99$1.00 Plant Based, Vegan
House White Cheddar1lb12.9914.99$2.00 Local
Suzi's Lavender Body Care Products 25%off Select Varieites1ea11$0.00
Camamu Soap 20%off Select Varieties1ea11$0.00
Host Defense Mushroom Supplements 25% off Select Varieties1ea11$0.00
Ener-C Sugar Free Drink Mix 20%off Select Varieties5.67oz12.7915.99$3.20 G-Free, Plant Based
Smarty Pants Gummi Vitamins 20%off Select Varieties120ct26.5936.99$10.40 Organic
Boiron SinusCalm 30%off Select Varieties60ct9.4413.49$4.05
Momo's Bean to Bliss 20%off CBD 18+1oz7.999.99$2.00 Organic, G-Free, CBD, Plant Based, Vegan
Mickelberry Gardens Honey Tonics 20%off Select Varieties8oz19.9924.99$5.00 Organic, Local, KETO
Curalin Advanced Glucose Support 20%off42ct15.0318.79$3.76 G-Free, Plant Based
Good Day Chocolate Mood Support Supplements 20%off8ct2.793.49$0.70
Jason Natural Products for Men 20%off Select Varieties16oz7.999.99$2.00
Weird Tea Select Varieties + Deposit16oz2.292.79$0.50 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based
Hippie Snacks Banana Bread Crisps Select Varieties2.5oz3.994.79$0.80 G-Free, Plant Based
Golden Farms Squeeze Pouch Select Varieties3.17oz1.792.19$0.40 Organic
Barnana Bites Select Varieties3.5oz3.995.99$2.00 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Navitas Power Snacks Select Varieties8oz8.4910.49$2.00 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based
Green Cola Seltzer 6pk Select Varieties + Deposit12oz6.498.29$1.80
Evolve Protein Shake 4pk Select Varieties11oz12.9914.99$2.00 G-Free
Blue Stripes Granola Select Varieties8oz5.396.59$1.20 G-Free, Plant Based
High Brew Cold Brew Select Varieties + Deposit8oz 2/ 5.002.79$0.29
Taika Latte Select Varieties + Deposit8oz 2/ 6.003.79$0.79 G-Free, Plant Based
Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps Select Varieties2.25oz3.994.69$0.70 G-Free
Choice Tea Select Varieties16ct3.794.99$1.20 Organic, G-Free, KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
SkinnyDipped Nut Snacks Select Varieties3.5oz4.695.69$1.00 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Kuze Fuku & Sons Soup Base and Seasonings Select Varieties11.8oz6.297.99$1.70 Local
La Tour Extra Virgin Olive Oil Select Varieties25.4oz21.9927.79$5.80 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based
Oregon Growers Jam & Butter Select Varieties12oz5.896.59$0.70 Organic, G-Free, KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Muso Kombu Rausu Seaweed Snack1.76oz9.9912.19$2.20
Wyld Sparkling CBD Drink Select Varieties + Deposit 18+12oz 2/ 6.004.19$1.19 Local, CBD
McCormick Taco Seasoning Select Varieties1oz 4/ 5.001.69$0.44 KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Epic Pork Rinds Select Varieties2.5oz3.294.69$1.40 G-Free, KETO
Wild Harvest Organic Milk Select Varieties64oz4.696.49$1.80 Organic
G2G Protein Bar Select Varieties2.47oz 2/ 5.002.99$0.49
Oggi Pizza Select Varieties18.7oz11.6913.99$2.30 G-Free, Plant Based
Snapdragon Thai Entrée Select Varieties15oz9.7911.99$2.20
Daring Chicken Select Varieties8oz5.696.99$1.30 G-Free, Plant Based
Mamma Emma Gnocchi Select Varieties14.1oz6.797.49$0.70
The Greek Gods Yogurt Select Varieties24oz4.995.99$1.00
Aqua ViTea Kombucha Select Varieties + Deposit12oz2.792.79$0.00 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based
Treeline Plant Based Cream Cheese Select Varieties6oz6.398.39$2.00 G-Free, Plant Based
Bobabam Boba Kit Select Varieties9.2oz7.498.99$1.50 G-Free
Kor Shot Select Varieties + Deposit1.7oz 2/ 5.003.29$0.79 Organic, KETO, Plant Based, Vegan
Cascadian Farm Frozen Vegetables Select Varieties16oz 2/ 5.005.59$3.09 Organic, Plant Based, Vegan
Omni Plant-Based Cuisine Select Varieties7.05oz4.795.79$1.00 Plant Based
Beyond Meat Plant-Based Protein Select Varieties10oz6.998.99$2.00 Organic, G-Free, Plant Based
Nuts for Cheese Plant-Based Cheese Select Varieties4.2oz7.698.99$1.30 Organic, Plant Based
Luna Bar Select Varieties1.69oz 4/ 5.002.29$1.04
Tasty Bite Ready to Eat Meals Select Varieties10oz4.494.89$0.40 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Terra Chips Select Varieties5oz3.984.99$1.01
Schweppes & Pepsi 6pk Mini Cans Select Varieties + Deposit7.5oz4.496.99$2.50 Plant Based, Vegan
Eden Organic Beans Select Varieties15oz2.793.59$0.80 Organic, Plant Based, Vegan
Justin's Nut Butter Select Varieties16oz9.9912.99$3.00 Organic, G-Free, KETO
Chicken Of The Sea Tuna Pouch2.5oz 4/ 5.001.99$0.74
Koyo Ramen Select Varieties2oz10/ 10.001.59$0.59 Organic, Plant Based, Vegan
General Mills Cereal Select Varieties11.7oz3.996.99$3.00 Plant Based, Vegan
Barilla Noodles Select Varieties16oz 2/ 4.002.69$0.69 Plant Based, Vegan
Kraft Mac & Cheese7.25oz 4/ 5.001.99$0.74
Siggi's Yogurt Select Varieties24oz5.997.49$1.50
Florida's Natural Orange Juice Select Varieties89oz6.999.99$3.00 Plant Based, Vegan
Olipop Probiotic Soda Select Varieties + Deposit12oz2.192.59$0.40 G-Free, Plant Based
Surge Paper Straws 25% off75ct2.022.69$0.67 Local
Noosa Yogurt Select Varieties8oz2.693.29$0.60 G-Free
Oatly Oatmilk Select Varieties64oz5.996.49$0.50 G-Free, Plant Based, Vegan
Umpqua Lactose Free Milk Select Varieties0.5gal 2/ 7.003.99$0.49 Local, G-Free
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