Local Partners

Local Partners

In our ongoing effort to elevate Oregon entrepreneurs and strengthen our food and beverage communities, we partner with passionate like-minded organizations that uplift food and beverage makers by offering training, mentoring and financing to grow their businesses, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Woman owned businesses. Our partner organizations include Built Oregon, Xcelerate Women, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and The Meaningful Marketplace. Our internal MOJO and Amplify programs are also Working with Purpose to advance and promote local makers.

Built Oregon

Built Oregon

Built Oregon is a passionate group of community and industry leaders, entrepreneurs, storytellers, investors and mentors who support the growth of Oregon’s consumer product industries to create sustainable, inclusive and innovative job growth. We are a supporting partner with Built Oregon and its grant program, which assists local BIPOC food and beverage makers through mentorship and grants that are tied to the Built Oregon Mentor Network and Accelerator Program, providing long-term business knowledge and support. Our merchandising and product teams love to help these local food and beverage makers reach their full potential.

Xcelerate Women

Xcelerate Women offers a uniquely powerful combination of business education, peer support and a pathway to financing. It also provides an inclusionary space for women entrepreneurs to transform boardrooms, executive suites, investor meetings and banks to be diverse and equitable. We are honored and excited to join forces with this organization to elevate Oregon makers.

Block and Blade

High Desert Food & Farm Alliance

Market of Choice is a sponsor partner of High Desert Food & Farm Alliance, a Bend-based nonprofit that supports the thriving food and farm network of central Oregon and serves more than 39,000 food-insecure residents in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. In committing to support HDFFA’s programs and its belief that everyone deserves good food, we are also actively engaging with the regional food producers and ranchers. These connections, in turn, mean more local products finding a place on Market of Choice shelves. Learn more.

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

With the help of Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, food and beverage entrepreneurs in Oregon and southwest Washington are learning how to start up and scale up their businesses. Since 1991, OEN has been helping entrepreneurs connect with mentors and secure money through investment programs. Learn from OEN Executive Director Amanda Osborn, who explains how the Oregon Angel Food Foundation serves to connect makers of food and beverage products and OEN’s partnership with Black Founders Matter to help BIPOC-led makers at the earliest stages of their businesses.

Meaningful Marketplace

The Meaningful Marketplace

Market of Choice is a proud sponsor of the podcast The Meaningful Marketplace, a journey of food and entrepreneurship. This weekly series shines a spotlight on local food and beverage makers, including LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Women makers. Their inspirational stories are a great way to get to know the people behind the products found at your Market. Join us each week as we listen in, and be sure to catch up on any you may have missed. Learn more.