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Celebrate Oregon Wine Month, May 2024
May is Oregon Wine Month, thirty-one days dedicated to enjoying Oregon wine, fine dining, boosting our local economy, and getting a healthy dose of dopamine.
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Our Whole Health experts discuss the benefits of collagen supplements.
What’s the Deal with Collagen Supplements? Here’s what you need to Know
Improve your skin, hair and joint health with collagen supplements from Market of Choice.
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What Are the Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?
At Market of Choice, we like to keep up with trends in nutrition to ensure we’re providing the foods our community needs to thrive. You’ve no doubt heard or read something about the Mediterranean Diet. No nutritional or health discussion would be on trend without it. Read on for our take on this popular diet, its benefits and advantages.
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Allergy Tips
7 Tips for Surviving Allergy Season
Blooming flowers, fresh-cut grass and warm, sunny, breezy days — these are the signs of spring that get Oregonians excited for outdoor activities.
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Zero Waste
10 Tips for Reducing Waste at Home
There are many simple habits you can incorporate into your daily life that will reduce waste and leave a lasting, positive effect on the environment.
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Forty is the New Thirty: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy at Any Age
There are many simple habits you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to help you feel great and look your best from mid-life and beyond. Here are 5 tips from experts for staying healthy and feeling young at any age.
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Gluten Free Grains
Seven Gluten-Free Grains and How to Enjoy Them
Eating gluten-free doesn’t mean giving up on all grains. In fact, there are only a few grains you need to avoid.
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Meal Planning
Easy Meal Planning Tips
Looking for meal planning tips and ideas? Discover how Market of Choice can help you plan and prepare delicious meals for your family.
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Celebrating Citrus Season
There’s nothing more uplifting than a bright, juicy citrus fruit on a gray winter’s day. Aside from their power to energize your mood, citrus fruit is high in vitamin C too, which is great for combating seasonal colds and flus that are ever so prevalent during this time of year.
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