Oregon owned. Oregon independent.

What We’re Here For.

What We’re Here For.

If it comes from an independent maker, grower, or producer, it’s going to be better.

That’s our entire philosophy. It’s how each of our Oregon stores — 11 locations and counting — are oriented, too.

Oregon is home. Our heart is here – with people who have an idea, a knack, a recipe for making life around them happier, healthier, feel more cared for just by doing what they do. It takes real work to do that; honest, noble, even scary at times work. The least we can do, we believe, is spread their goodness as far as we can with folks who know what they want and wouldn’t have it any other way. Welcome to your people. Nice to have you here.

Passion Runs the Show. Principles Make it Work.

Building Local

Our guiding purpose is to strengthen the food ecosystem around us and the livelihoods of people in it.

Sourcing Quality

We bring in the best of the best – locally, regionally, even beyond. Ingredients so good, we use them in our own kitchens & delis – scratch made delicious, without the work.

Curating Selection

How and what you eat should bring you joy, no matter your diet (gluten-free, vegan, paleo) or circumstances (no time? We’ve got you.)

Oregon Owned

Independent and family-owned since 1979. Our investment – and your dollars – stay here, keeping what makes Oregon Oregon.