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When you shop our center aisles, you’ll be met with friendly, knowledgeable teammates who are happy to help you find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re in search of your favorite brands, or foods that fit your gluten-free, organic, or plant-based diet, we’re always ready to help you find the products you use every day. At Market of Choice, we pride ourselves in providing you with Food for the Way You Live.

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We provide distinctive icons on our shelves and advertisements highlighting local makers and lifestyle attributes, so you can easily find Food for the Way You Live!

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Step into the bulk section of our grocery aisles and you’ll discover a little bit of everything, from herbs and spices to nut butters and honey. Clean, well-organized and full of fresh choices, it’s where you’ll discover a variety of conventional and organic dry goods, as well as liquid bulk items. The majority of our bulk items come from local suppliers.

Partner Stories


Tropink — Lake Oswego

In her twenties, Sierra Thomas was navigating sobriety while maintaining a fast-paced career in the media and music industry. Outgoing and upbeat, Sierra wanted to enjoy social events without putting her well being on the back burner. She noticed most non-alcoholic drinks on the market were packed with sugar, calories, and fruit concentrates. What’s more, ordering virgin drinks at venues, led many clients to assume she was expecting or ask the dreaded question, “why are you not drinking?” Inspired by her vision for an inclusive non-alcoholic beverage, and encouraged by the support of her friends, family, and husband, Sierra followed her passion and Tropink (formerly Pink Cloud) was born. “Tropink is a state of mind, and inclusive to everyone whether sober like me, sober, curious, a flex drinker or simply looking for a night off with a better-for-you option and no regret,” Sierra says. Tropink is a premium non-alcoholic functional beverage with a swell of real tropical fruit juices (a nod to Sierra’s former life as a surfer and student at Hawaii Pacific University). Each can contains only 20 calories, 2 grams of sugar, and is packed with 30mg broad-spectrum hemp and the “sunshine” vitamin (D). “[There is] some exciting stuff on the horizon,” Sierra says. “Two new premium non-alcoholic functional beverages are coming this summer with a swell of real tropical fruit juice, but new functional ingredients inspired by my favorite cocktails when I lived in Oahu, attending school at Hawaii Pacific University.” Sustainability is of the utmost importance to Sierra and part of Tropink’s DNA. A 1% For the Planet member, Tropink is committed to protecting our local beaches, waves and waters. Sierra has also invested in digitally printed cans for ease of recycling based on consumer feedback, moving away from shrink sleeve labels.
Tropink is a Premium Non-Alcoholic Functional Beverage with a swell of real tropical fruit juices (a nod to Sierra’s former life as a surfer and student at Hawaii Pacific University).
Creole Me Up

Creole Me Up – Portland

Elsy Dinvil started her company, Creole Me Up, in 2017 to bring a taste of her native Haiti to Portland. Pikliz, one of the country’s most popular dishes, is served with almost anything. The mix of cabbage, carrots, onions, peppers and other ingredients in a tangy, spicy brine is served at barbecues, at weddings or at any kind of get-together. “A Haitian party without pikliz ain’t a Haitian party,” Elsy says. Elsy has bottled the condiment and called it Pickleez, which comes in three variations of spiciness: For the Wimps, With Little Sass, Whole Lot of Sass. There’s also a version with purple cabbage, Sassy in Purple. “Pickleez can be eaten straight from the jar with a fork, or on the side of a plate to add a twist to any dish that needs a boost,” she says. Elsy sought to mimic her mother’s recipe in making Pickleez. She grew up cooking with her mother, and Elsy credits her as an inspiration. “From our pickled product to our marinades and our cocktail mixes, my mother's train of thought and her cooking tips tie in to perfect the end product,” she says.
Elsy Dinvil started her company, Creole Me Up, in 2017 to bring a taste of her native Haiti to Portland.

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At Market of Choice, you’ll discover an unmatched selection, including natural, organic, conventional and local choices to satisfy every lifestyle. Our buyers work hard to track the latest food trends and provide products that meet a wide range of dietary and food-allergy needs, while also fulfilling your cravings for the latest foodie finds and global flavors.

We’re pleased to be part of the Good Food Merchants Collaborative, a tight-knit group of independently owned markets, committed to supporting American craft food producers. We work with small, hyper-local suppliers, as well as regional and national distributors, and purposefully support BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Woman owned businesses in our effort to bring you a wide range of great-tasting local and global products.

A typical Market of Choice store stocks up to 40,000 items, many of which can’t be found at your average grocery store. Some of our customer favorites include kombuchas, yogurts, plant-based milks, salsas, hummus, nutrition bars, nut butters, hot sauces, snacks, sauces, fermented foods, oils and vinegars. Shop. Discover. Explore!

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