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Young Mountain Tea began with a vision, right from the start – to help create a sustainable future for Himalayan tea farmers in India and Nepal.

By working with farmers in remote mountain regions, many of them women, and by donating 1% of all sales to support farmer-owned tea processing facilities, Young Mountain Tea is contributing to a better quality of life for farmers and their families.

The BIPOC-owned company, operating in Springfield, distributes a variety of Himalayan teas sourced for their quality and sustainability. These single-origin teas are unblended and unflavored and are made from the leaves of a single plant, Camellia sinensi.

“From our rich, aromatic black teas that hail from Assam and Darjeeling to our strong, vibrant green teas from tea makers in Nepal and the Nilgiris to our delicate, complex, white Kumaon, the full diversity of tea is represented,” says company owner Raj Vable.

The son of Indian immigrants, Raj grew up in Michigan. During his childhood, he often visited his grandparents who still lived in India. As a University of Oregon student, he worked in rural India. After graduation, upon earning a Fulbright fellowship, he traveled to the Himalayan regions, where he started Young Mountain Tea.

“Our company’s work is about bridging the two worlds that my family spans – rural India and the Pacific Northwest,” Raj says.

Raj is grateful to work with another local company like Market of Choice to grow his business and its impact. Market of Choice has helped Raj succeed at presenting product demos and preparing for the busy holiday sales season. “The support we’ve received from everyone we’ve worked with is incredible.”

Enjoy Young Mountain Teas hot, iced or brewed as sun teas. These teas can be steeped several times, releasing even more subtle flavors, and they’re suitable for plant-based, keto and paleo diets. They’re versatile, too! On a hot day, try making Young Mountain Teas recipe for Masala Chai Frozen Treats!

“Whether as a personal daily ritual or leisurely cuppa with friends, our teas are the ideal accent to any moment,” Raj says.

Try their recipe for Masala Chai Frozen Treats.

Published On: October 1st, 2021

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