Working With Purpose Recipes

  • Kiger Island Blues

    In 2005, Mindi Miller purchased property on Kiger Island where she grows Northern Highbush Blueberries using sustainable farming practices. All fruit is handpicked at peak ripeness, packaged and delivered to the stores within 24 hours.

  • Commonplace Farms – Corvallis Oregon

    Ashli and Jeremy were drawn to farming by a desire for good work, a more elemental life, and an interest in environmental ethics.

  • Persian Cucumbers Are Here From Gathering Together Farm

    Persian Cucumbers Are IN! We're so excited to have teamed up with Gathering Together Farm to bring you these Persian Cucumbers!

  • Oregon-made Sibeiho Sambals yield tasty results in the kitchen

    Based on authentic family recipes passed down to Sibeiho co-founders Holly Ong and Pat Lau, Portland-made Sibeiho Sambals add abundant flavor to a wide variety of recipes. In this video, Holly Ong joins Market of Choice Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza in the kitchen to make a crispy, broiled salmon marinated with her OMG! Sambal.

  • How We Help Farmers Get Their Produce to Market

    Going to the farm and purchasing directly from the farmstand is one way to procure the freshest and most unique produce of the season. Another way is to visit your local Market of Choice.

  • Market of Choice amplifies local makers on many fronts

    At Market of Choice, we value our relationships with Oregon food and beverage makers. As part of this commitment to supporting local makers, we amplify their brands and products at the store level and online by telling their stories.

  • Enjoy locally made Renata pizzas at home, thanks to our MOJO program

    Early on in the pandemic, when restaurants had to pivot quickly to survive, Sandra Arnerich, co-owner and executive chef at Renata in southeast Portland, knew her wood-fire pizzas would make great frozen pizzas. Market of Choice agreed and partnered with Sandra through our MOJO program to get Renata pizzas to our frozen food aisles.

  • Rick Wright on the Rise of Market of Choice

    Market of Choice CEO Rick Wright was pretty much born into the grocery industry. An observant innovator, Rick has kept Market of Choice at the forefront. Rick recently spoke with Michael Dunne, host of KLCC’s “Oregon Rainmakers” podcast, about the history of Market and Choice and how the business has adapted during the pandemic.

  • How We Bring Local Products to You – Market of Choice

    In this Everyday Northwest TV interview with Portland's The CW Reporter Nicole DeCosta, Market of Choice Owner and CEO Rick Wright talks about our support of local makers in Oregon.