Family-owned and operated since 1979, Market of Choice plays an integral role in Oregon’s food economy through our partnerships and support of local food and beverage producers, farmers, ranchers and fisherfolk. We’re making a real difference in the lives of local makers across the state.

In this Everyday Northwest TV interview with Portland’s The CW Reporter Nicole DeCosta, Market of Choice Owner and CEO Rick Wright talks about our MOJO and Dig Local programs, which are helping local makers get their products onto our shelves and into the hands of customers to take home and enjoy.

“MOJO is a program that was developed to help small makers of products in Oregon,” says Rick. “There are so many craft makers and ranchers and farmers, as well, that put out great products, but they have a hard time getting them into retail stores.”

For many small producers, distribution is their biggest challenge, he says. “So, we developed a path for them to accomplish that. We actually allow them to deliver to one location – we’ll pick it up at that store, take it back to our distribution center and distribute it to our stores.”

This model of distribution began years ago with our wine buyer, who would travel around the state to purchase wines from small wine producers and distribute them to our stores, Rick says.

“Farmers have the same situation,” Rick says. “They’re not in the distribution business; they’re in the farming business. After they grow something, the most challenging thing for them is to get it out to all the locations that might possibly sell it. So, we’ll do the same thing – we’ll pick up at one location and spread it out to all of our stores, so that a blueberry farmer somewhere in Oregon can have their product sold throughout the entire state.”

Chosen for their terrific tastes, textures and colors, our Dig Local farm-to-table produce is curated with care. Each variety has been nurtured from seeds to starts and rooted in Oregon soil.

“It makes the offerings on the shelf very eclectic, very unique, and very local, which is something we’re proud of,” Rick says, adding that he enjoys seeing local makers grow their businesses and brands, so they can one day distribute their products regionally and nationally.

With our years of experience, we strive to lead the way in the grocery industry while being an active and engaged participant in the communities we serve, Rick says.

Most of all, we love to offer customers exciting new products that suit their lifestyle. Stop into your Market and see what’s new!

Published On: September 29th, 2022

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