Early on in the pandemic, when restaurants had to pivot quickly to survive, Sandra, co-owner and executive chef at Renata in southeast Portland, knew her wood-fire pizzas would make great frozen pizzas. Market of Choice agreed and partnered with Sandra through our MOJO program to get Renata pizzas to our frozen food aisles.

“Market of Choice has provided an incredible partnership,” Sandra says. “They have not only provided a platform for our pizzas, but they’ve also provided us with mentorship.”

In this Everyday Northwest TV interview with Portland’s The CW Reporter Nicole DeCosta, Market of Choice Grocery Sales Manager Deby talks about our MOJO program and how it helps local makers like Sandra get their products onto our shelves and into the hands of customers to take home and enjoy.

“We make sure the products get to all the stores,” says Deby, who has enjoyed watching Renata frozen pizzas broaden their reach. “The community has been so receptive to this great local product. They are consistently one of our top five frozen pizzas.”

Sandra, along with her husband, focuses on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients when preparing her frozen pies, available at Market of Choice in five flavors: Margherita, Bianco Verde, Quatro Fromaggio, Plant-Based Pepperoni and Top It Your Way.

“It’s great to know that we can do something for the community” through our MOJO program, Deby adds. “It’s been really fun to watch them grow and establish their position.”

Published On: October 17th, 2022

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