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Well-known to Portland’s central east side, Renata restaurant has been serving handmade pastas and wood-fired pizzas to its customers since 2015.

Owner Sandra Arnerich, along with her husband, focuses on quality ingredients and supporting local farmers.

“We use a 48-hour fermented dough, using the best Italian flour, top it with the highest quality ingredients and bake it in our wood-fire oven. Our frozen pizzas bring restaurant quality to your home,” Sandra says.

Renata’s frozen pies are prepared with the same fresh ingredients and quality, as if cooked to order at Renata.

Born during the pandemic as a business pivot, Renata Pizza Frozen Pizzas was created with the intention of providing people with a tasty, authentic, easy-to-reheat product that stayed true to Renata’s restaurant-quality pizza.

“We love to feed people, and this gives us the opportunity to do just that. Nurturing people has been the only way we know how to live life, and our restaurant is a beautiful avenue to do it. We love to create memories through food and human connection.”

Choose from Margherita, Bianco Verde, Quatro Fromaggio, Plant-Based Pepperoni and Top It Your Way, available in the frozen food aisles at Market of Choice.

“The beauty behind our pizzas is that they are versatile, and anyone can make them their own. I personally like to finish my Margherita with thinly sliced prosciutto and lightly dressed arugula from the market,” Sandra says.

She adds, “I think the best thing that has come from creating our wood-fired frozen pizzas has been the wonderful people who have guided us and believed in us along the way.”

Published On: April 16th, 2021

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