Based on authentic family recipes passed down to Sibeiho co-founders Holly Ong and Pat Lau, Portland-made Sibeiho Sambals add abundant flavor to a wide variety of recipes. In this video, Holly Ong joins Market of Choice Artisan Chef Greg Cabeza in the kitchen to make a crispy, broiled salmon marinated with her OMG! Sambal.

Available at your Market of Choice in three varieties, these sambals are great to use for simple dishes.  Try OMG! Sambal, Boomz Sambal or AF Chili Chunka Sambal. “They are 100% natural, and we use as much locally sourced ingredients as possible,” says Holly.

A taste of Singapore

In Singapore, where Holly and Pat grew up, fish is a popular street food, often marinated with sambal and cooked over hot coals. Here in the Pacific Northwest, where salmon is so fresh and readily available, Holly has adapted that street food recipe for an easy, impressive make-at-home meal.

First, the marinade: Holly mixes together OMG! Sambal, tamari and honey. Then, she cuts thin strips of fresh makrut lime leaves, often available in the Produce Department at Market of Choice, to add a nice, citrusy tang to the sauce.

Holly lines the baking pan with banana leaves for a little extra flavor and pats the fish pieces really dry before brushing both sides with the marinade. She recommends letting the marinated fish sit for 10 minutes, then popping it in the oven, skin-side down. Halfway through, flip over the fish, salting the skin a bit before finishing the fish and skin to a crisp finish.

Sibeiho’s success story

When Holly and Pat were creating their Sibeiho business plan, Market of Choice was high on their list of the stores they wanted their product to reach.

Holly recalls that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all buying stopped, which was really hard on their business.

“I was part of Xcelerate Women; they work with a lot of women start-up founders,” Holly says.  “They and Built Oregon had a virtual buying session.”

That virtual buying session was a huge help, Holly says, because Sibeiho drew a lot of interest and sales. People wanted to know when the product would be available in local grocery stores, like Market of Choice.

Market of Choice actively supports and amplifies local food producers, joining efforts with like-minded community partners, like Xcelerate and Built Oregon, to ensure that local products reach local buyers.

As Holly removes the sizzling, crispy broiled salmon from the oven, Chef Greg adds that Market of Choice has a long history of supporting Oregon’s food producers like Sibeiho.

“We want you to succeed. We want to show off what Oregon communities have to offer.”

The Oregon food system, with support from companies like Market of Choice, is really amazing, Holly says. “It makes us really happy that we can share our food here.”

Published On: December 5th, 2022

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