Artisan Chef Greg and fellow Market of Choice Chefs always looks forward to wild mushroom season, when those flavorful fruits of the forest are foraged fresh from Oregon groves and delivered daily to your Market’s Produce Department.

Mushrooms are awesome, Chef Greg says. “They are one of my absolute favorite things to work with here in Oregon. They really signal fall to us. We can use them a hundred different ways, and then some.”

In this Eye on the Northwest segment with TV host Natali Marmion, Chef Greg creates Wild Mushroom Puff Pastry Tarts for Oregon Harvest. Any wild mushrooms will work, but Chef Greg chooses prized chanterelles, woodsy-flavored maitakes and oyster mushrooms, foraged in coastal forests, for their taste of the sea.

Making the mushroom tarts

Chef Greg prepares the classic dish with Natali in a few easy steps.

First, they bake puff pastry sheets to a golden brown. While the pastries bake, they sauté shallots, garlic and wild mushrooms in butter and olive oil, then deglaze the pan with sherry. Chef Greg adds heavy cream, then aged cheddar from Oregon’s Face Rock Creamery and Parmesan. Lastly, fresh chopped sage and thyme are mixed in with the mushrooms.

With the mushrooms ready, Chef Greg creates a small pocket at the top of each pastry puff, then spoons in the mushroom mixture, returning the filled pastry puffs to the oven for a quick and final browning. Removed from the oven, each puff is topped with a sprinkle of fresh herbs, and they are ready to eat. Delicious!

Mushrooms at Market of Choice

Wild mushrooms will be available at Market of Choice through the fall, Chef Greg says, including chanterelles, maitakes, oyster mushrooms and many more.

“We’ll see what’s available. Each year is a little bit different. It’s the thrill of the hunt. During fall harvest season, we use all of these ingredients available to us.”

Part of the Market of Choice team for 20 years, Chef Greg prides himself on developing recipes with simple, high-quality ingredients sourced in Oregon. “We’re very proud of what we make. Living here and having all these things come to us is a blessing.”

Published On: October 21st, 2022

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