Husband and wife Miki and Kamal Bekkari lived and worked in various countries around the world – France, Morocco, Canada, Spain, Lebanon and Australia – before moving to Bend in 2018 to launch Blissful Spoon, their granola company, which has expanded into a full-service restaurant that marries the unique styles of cuisine they both bring to the table.

They began simply by selling their granola at local farmers’ markets and now have seven blends of granola crunch, each packaged in recyclable rice paper, available at Market of Choice: Bend Crunch, Fusion Crunch, Naked Crunch, Aussie Crunch, Cacao Crunch, Harvest Crunch and Pear-fect Crunch.

Blissful Spoon’s granola blends are crafted with organic ingredients sourced from local producers, including freeze-dried or naturally dried fruits. No salt or sugar is added.

“They have great macros,” Miki says, “and they fit into paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Non-GMO, gluten-free, oat-free and keto-friendly diets.”

Miki is originally from Northern California, where she grew up on a farm that supplied produce to local markets and restaurants. Kamal, a native of Morocco, later lived in both the United States and Australia. Each share a love of good food and the conviction that “no matter what a person’s nutritional needs or allergy restrictions, everyone deserves to have good-quality, tasty food.”

This woman-owned business is family operated. You may see Miki and Kamal’s three children or the kids’ grandparents helping at the restaurant, or bagging granola, or selling the granola blends to fans at farmers’ markets.

Enjoy Blissful Spoon’s granolas for breakfast or straight out of the bag as a healthy afternoon snack or for hitting the trail. These granola crunches also are great to top yogurt or pair with your favorite fruit or acai bowl. A Bekkari family favorite is to sprinkle it on top of ice cream!

Ask a Market of Choice team member where to find Blissful Spoon granolas at your Market.

“Market of Choice is a wonderful advocate of local producers, and we couldn’t be happier to have them carry our products,” Miki says.

Published On: May 4th, 2022

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