There’s nothing more uplifting than a bright, juicy citrus fruit on a gray winter’s day. Aside from their power to energize your mood, citrus fruit is high in vitamin C too, which is great for combating seasonal colds and flus that are ever so prevalent during this time of year.

Citrus is packed with protective nutrients too, like antioxidants that prevent or delay damage from free radicals on the body’s cells, and fiber which helps aid digestion and lowers the risk of obesity-related diseases. Other gains from citrus include boosting immune function with vitamin C, maintaining energy levels and promoting skin health.

With all the benefits of these amazing fruits, it’s only fitting that the peak season for citrus comes when we need it most — right in the middle of winter. And that’s reason to celebrate.

You’ll find many ways to celebrate citrus throughout your local Market of Choice this winter.

From Produce and Kitchen to Bakery and Barista, nearly every department in our stores is popping with bright, fresh citrus and citrus-infused products to juice up your health and wellbeing this season.

Here are some of the exciting offerings you can expect at your local Market this winter.

Don’t miss these citrus fruits from the Produce department

Stop by your Market Produce department February 2-4th 2024 from 10 AM to 5 PM to sample these amazing citrus fruits from our self-serve sample domes.

Mandarins – Sweet, and perfectly snack-sized Mandarin oranges. Look for,

  • Page
  • Murcott (from Johnson Farms, Blue Jay brand)
  • Gold Nugget.
  • Daisy
  • Clementine

Rising C Ranch Heirloom Navel Oranges – Unique and flavorful navel oranges from a trusted source.

Blood Oranges – Deep burgundy colored flesh and a rich orange flavor with raspberry and strawberry overtones.

Cara Cara Oranges – Sweet, low acidity and pinkish flesh. As beautiful as they are tasty.

Meyer Lemons – Zesty enough to enhance your favorite recipes, and sweet enough to snack on.

Pomelo Grapefruits – Large citrus fruits with a unique green skin that make an absolutely delicious snack with sweeter-than-grapefruit flesh.

Ruby Grapefruits – Aromatic and sweet with floral undertones and low, tangy acidity.

Melogold Grapefruits – Extremely large fruit with yellow-green textured skin and pale yellow flesh that is sweet-tart in flavor.

Minneola Tangelos – A tangerine and grapefruit hybrid that is rich and juicy, with a touch of tartness from its grapefruit parent.

Fresh Squeezed Orange JuiceFreshly squeezed orange juice made from perfectly ripened Valencia and Hamlin oranges that are juiced and bottled in store. You can pick up a bottle for yourself any time of year.

Enjoy citrus in your favorite Kitchen items

Expect amazing ready-to-eat choices, with a splash of citrus, from our Kitchen.

Mediterranean Salmon with Citrus and Fennel – A flavorful combination of roasted Arctic salmon topped with fresh fennel bulb and navel and blood oranges to create a beautiful, bright and healthy recipe.

Citrus and Fennel Marinated Beet Salad – This wholesome side blends the refreshing flavors of grapefruit and oranges tossed with pickled fennel and roasted beets in a light and lovely dressing with hints of mint.

Beef & Fennel Meatballs with Tomato Sauce – Hearty beef meatballs with notes of fennel are perfectly paired with our herbaceous marinara.

Winter Citrus Prawn Salad – Plump, tender prawns, shaved fennel and snow peas with refreshing Mandarin oranges and grapefruit in a lemon garlic dressing. A light winter pick-me-up.

Lemon Garlic Chicken Breasts – Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are marinated in a light and zesty lemon and garlic marinade, then perfectly grilled.

Tequila Lime Chicken Breasts – Marinated in a mix of tequila, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, herbs and spices, these lean, juicy chicken breasts are loaded with flavor.

Blueberry Key Lime Bread Pudding – Our newest bread pudding recipe features plump blueberries, sweet cream custard, bright key lime juice and fresh baked French bread swirled together and baked to perfection.

Try citrus in baked goods and desserts

Check out these Bakery items, made with real citrus fruit.

Southern Lemon Pie – Creamy, lemon custard is baked to perfection and topped with house-made vanilla whipping cream and a fresh, lemon garnish.

Key Lime Tarts & Pies – Scratch-made key lime filling made with real key limes and pairs well with the real vanilla whipped cream border on top.

Lemon Cheesecake – Scratch-made vanilla cheesecake topped with a creamy lemon curd.

Lemon Pound Cake – Scratch-made pound cake with a lemony twist. Pairs well with berries and cream or with your morning tea.

Refresh with citrusy barista drinks

Be sure to stop by the Barista and pick up a well-deserved specialty drink or smoothie to enjoy while you shop. Here are a couple of our favorite citrus drinks from the Barista.

Super C Energizer Smoothie – Help support a healthy immune system with the Super C Energizer Smoothie. This tasty blend of strawberry, pineapple, fresh spinach and orange juice is a refreshing way to get the vitamins your body needs most in the winter time. This smoothie has almost three times the USDA daily minimum recommendation for Vitamin C (2,000 calories diet).

Hibiscus Lemon Tea – This comforting tea from Jasmine Pearl is delightfully tart and packed with vitamin C. It’s a great tea for any time of day.

Citrus fruits in winter recipes

If you’re in the mood to cook, try these delicious, citrus-infused recipes from our Chef team.

Published On: January 11th, 2024

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