Pour over coffee as water is dripping onto coffee grounds in filter

As the weather turns warmer and summer approaches, many turn their coffee passion from sipping hot brews to enjoying chilled coffee. We recommend pour-over iced coffee, which is easy to do and provides a brighter, more complex drink.

Developed in Japan, the method is hot coffee brewed over ice, and unlike cold brew does not need to be cut with water. Use any pour-over brewing system. We provide two recipes: one for Hario V60 and one for Chemex. When using a pour-over method, you may need to adjust the amount of hot water you would normally use to compensate for the ice.

For the Hario
2.3 oz med grind coffee
14 oz ice
21 oz water, plus extra to wet the filter

For the Chemex
3.5 oz med grind coffee
15 oz ice
24 oz water, plus extra to wet the filter

Heat the water to about 205°. Wet the filter to remove paper residue, then dump that water.

Weigh the ice in the vessel the Hario will fill, or in the Chemex.

Measure the ground coffee into the filter.

Pour just enough hot water over the ground coffee to bloom the coffee. This is not much water. Wait 30-45 seconds to let the coffee bloom.

Add more water, pouring slowly and evenly in a circular clockwise pattern from the middle to the outside of the coffee in the filter to maximize extraction. Do not pour the water directly on the sides of the filter. The grounds need to be intact.

Let the water drip for 20-25 seconds and then slowly add the remaining water, repeating as necessary in a circular motion, keeping the coffee cap intact. Your pour-over iced coffee is ready to drink!

Storing iced coffee

Like any coffee, your pour-over iced coffee has a limited refrigerator shelf life and will start to get stale 3-5 days after brewing.

For those on a time crunch, find ready-to-drink cold brews in a variety of flavors at your Market of Choice or toddy cold brews made to order at your Market Barista.

Published On: June 21st, 2022

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