Kari Kari Chili Crisp Sauce

Chili Crisp is all the buzz with American food lovers. I have been at the center of this newly found obsession, as evidenced by the bounty of Chili Crisp jars in my fridge that I regularly incorporate into my noodles, fried rice and egg dishes. So, when I came across Kari Kari Chili Crisp, there was no question that I would try it. Now, I may never buy another brand again.

Kari Kari is the Japanese word for crispy. The name bolsters what so many crisps promise, but never deliver – serious crunch! Every jar is packed with thin slivers of garlic and shallots, fried to perfection. They are the crunchiest crisps I have ever had. The flavor is a tongue-tingling, smoky umami with balanced heat that won’t overwhelm a dish. Kari Kari simply must be tasted to be believed. And it’s now available in all Market of Choice Specialty Cheese shops.


As Director of Food Service, I get a behind-the-scenes look at the creativity and care that going into the creation of our prepared foods and the selection of our perishable foods, such as cheese. I can honestly say that we make the most flavorful, unique and lifestyle-conscious foods found at a grocery store – it’s restaurant quality (or better) for you to enjoy on the go or from the comfort of home.

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