Ashley Howard, host for KOIN TV’s Everyday Northwest, joins Shelley Elkovich, owner of Portland’s For Bitter For Worse nonalcoholic cocktails, and Marni Furse, Market of Choice beverage manager, in the Market of Choice Kitchen to concoct some delicious Zero Proof drinks you’ll find easy to make at home with a few simple ingredients.

“It’s a really exciting trend,” says Marni of the incredible options, such as For Bitter For Worse nonalcoholic cocktails, available in your Market of Choice grocery aisles. “So many people want to lower their intake of alcohol, whether by drinking Zero Proof or low ABV.”

For Bitter For Worse, located in Portland, has crafted four inventive varietals:

  • Eva’s Spritz, a sparkling aperitif that’s tart and herbaceous, made with rhubarb and citrus
  • The Saskatoon, which is like a red wine, with notes of tart berry and black pepper, plus Douglas fir tannins
  • Smoky No.56, a potent, smoky nightcap with hints of maple and citrus
  • Rose City Fizz, a fruit-forward sparkling beverage with berry and ginger notes

Each is enjoyable on its own, but also makes an excellent base for more complex drinks.

“I’m one of those people who has always had the overflowing fridge of experiments,” says Shelley, who started For Bitter For Worse as a result of experiencing disembarkment syndrome after an outing on a boat. “It scrambled my equilibrium,” she says. She quit drinking alcohol. When nothing Zero Proof on the market met her high standards for flavors and ingredients, she launched For Bitter For Worse.

“It’s been a great journey,” she says. “Market of Choice has been an amazing partner for us.

Using For Bitter For Worse varietals and other local ingredients, enjoy these recipes for three Zero Proof cocktails: Baby I Love Your Way, a sparkling cocktail that combines Eva’s Spritz with  Portland Syrups’ Rose Cordial; Love Wins, a foamy delight using Saskatoon, egg whites, lemon juice, simple syrup and Orange Bitters by The Bitter Housewife; and the Smoky Mary, featuring Smoky No.56 mixed with Portland Syrups’ Bloody Mary Mix.


Published On: March 16th, 2023

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