Vegan Bakon Egg Muffin

Vegans who adhere to a plant-based lifestyle leave meat products off their plates, but thanks to an expansion in innovative, plant-based foods to meet the growing demand, the makings for a fully plant-based breakfast, including bacon-like “meat” and eggy-tasting “eggs,” is perfectly possible. The following products, among many others available at your Market of Choice, exemplify the care and the science behind delicious plant-based breakfast foods.

Bakon from Thrilling Foods

Thrilling Foods of Portland uses Old World cooking methods, such as salt-and-smoke curing, to craft their inventive product – a plant-based bacon alternative called Bakon – with a flavor that’s very close to pork.

Bakon is made from non-GMO and sustainably grown soybeans, using an age-old tofu-making process, enhanced with natural flavors and finished with a traditional salt-and-smoke cure. Bakon is vegan and keto-friendly and available in Maple Black Peppercorn flavor at Market of Choice.

Bakon is best enjoyed cooked and used just as you would traditional bacon, whether simply fried crispy or added to a favorite dish. Bakon can also be increasingly found at our Market of Choice Kitchens, as part of our new plant-based breakfast choices, which are being added to all stores in April. Try our Vegan Bakon Egg & Cheese Muffin, a frittata or our Vegan Bakon Twist. We would love to know what you think!


A breakfast staple, eggs may seem hard to substitute but not so these days, thanks to JUST Egg, a plant-based egg alternative that is made from mung beans, one of the oldest-known legumes on the planet.

Mung beans are slightly sweet and nutty in flavor, and their texture makes them the perfect egg alternative. JUST Egg scrambles and fluffs up like an egg, so omelets, quiches, frittatas are all easy to make. Our Market of Choice Kitchens also use JUST Eggs in our plant-based breakfast items.

Plant-based meat alternatives have come a long way from the early patties made with nuts and grains. Their textures are meat-like, and flavors are savory and nearly identical to their inspirational flavors. And, today, even the staunchest meat eaters are finding the new alternatives like Bakon exceed their expectations and are worthy of a place in their diet.

If you’re in the market to shop for your own plant-based breakfast ingredients, ask one of our team members to recommend appropriate products, which include not only Bakon and JUST Eggs, but also plant-based breakfast sausages or patties, cheeses, milks, butter and pancake and waffle mixes to test and savor in your own kitchen.

Published On: March 30th, 2022

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