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Tim Schley wanted to use a deodorant with all natural ingredients. He couldn’t find one on the market that did the job, so he decided to try making it himself.

That first batch that he whipped up at a friend’s apartment in Eugene worked well, but it wasn’t quite the texture and consistency that he wanted.

“From that point on, I started tweaking the formula and giving numerous samples out to everyone I could get to try it and asking for feedback,” Tim says. “Within about five months, I felt ready to hit the market, and although it continues to be a learning process and I’ve evolved along the way, it’s been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.”

Tim’s company, Green Theory Naturals, makes aluminum-free deodorants that include probiotics and bentonite clay. Tim says the clay has a detoxifying effect to help the body rid itself of the aluminum used in other deodorants. He says the key to long-lasting odor protection is the probiotics, which outcompete bacteria that feed off sweat.

The deodorant comes in formulas produced for both men and women, including Original Sin, Biohazard, Neptune, and Lavender & Evergreen among other varieties. Green Theory also makes Vulcan hair clay, which is engineered to maximize hair health while providing a grease-free hold.

Green Theory purchases sustainable and natural ingredients, with an emphasis on using local suppliers when possible. Each quarter, the business donates a portion of profits (currently 10%) to an environmentally conscious nonprofit with a focus on water quality, animal habitat or forestry.

“I really appreciate the support Market of Choice provides to local businesses,” Tim says. “It truly is a locally centered business and I feel good about the relationship.”

Published On: December 2nd, 2021

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