Spring Break Snacks

Leaving the daily grind behind, getting outdoors and enjoying some much-needed sunlight is what spring break is all about. Whether you’re headed to the mountains, the coast or Oregon’s waterfalls, you’re going to need plenty of snacks and refreshments. We’ve got you covered!

Bulk Snacks, Nutrition Bars, Granolas

You’ll discover plenty of healthy snack choices in our Bulk Department, such as Whole Roasted & Salted Cashews, Dark Chocolate-Covered Raisins, Unsalted Whole Almonds, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark or In-Shell or Shelled Pistachios.

Buy as much or as little as you need, for individual snacking or for sharing. Our bulk foods also include a variety of dried fruits, pre-mixed trail mixes and granolas. Nut butters, too, are a must-have for making satisfying and nutritious mid-hike sandwiches.

Your Market’s Grocery Aisles are also bursting with many brands of protein- and energy-rich snacks, some of which are plant-based and/or gluten-free. Try Organic Core Bars, Picky Bars, Crafted Energy Bars, or One Brands Protein & Plant Bars.

We even carry Hummingbar’s hemp bars, which include hemp as their plant-based protein. Granola, too, is always a popular snack option. Among the many brands available, find the superfood Gr8nola in your Market’s Grocery Aisle in three delicious flavors, Original, Golden Spice and Cacao Crisp.

H2: Healthy Seasonal Produce

For sweet or extra crunchy snacks, or to add some fresh greens to your sandwiches, visit your Market’s Produce Department. It’s where you’ll find spring snacking favorites, such as bunched organic rainbow carrots and sweet snap peas.

Layer tasty spring lettuces onto your sandwiches – they are the star greens this time of year – including spinach, kale, arugula and dandelion greens. Grab a few organic apples or easy-to-peel oranges and grapefruit to satisfy your fruit hankerings and to get a natural boost of vitamin C!

Grab ‘n’ Go Foods

If you don’t have a lot of time, or your day is off to a late start, stop by your Market Kitchen for a selection of ready-made breakfast and lunch choices, as well as snack packs, salads and sandwiches, freshly prepared by our talented chefs.

Layered with flavor, our Market Kitchen sandwiches feature inventive ingredients and freshly baked breads. Made fresh to order, each one is truly unique. You can even download, print and fill out our cold sandwich form or hot sandwich form and bring it to your Market Kitchen, or phone in you order for quick pick up.

At your Market Cheese Shop, look for grab ‘n’ go snack packs that include a variety of gourmet cheeses, charcuterie, preserves and crunchy crackers or nuts, or ask your Cheese Steward to prepare a special tray with all your favorites.

In the Bakery, be sure to stock up on freshly baked cookies, bars, muffins, biscuits and scratch-made granola to round out your snacking choices. Easy-to-pack freshly baked bagels are sure to please, too.

Don’t Forget Beverages

You’ll find a bevy of beverages at your Market. We stock many brands of sparkling waters and seltzers; for a more chill sparkling water try Zentopia CBD-infused sparkling waters (ages 18+). Plenty of kombuchas grace our grocery aisles, too, including Oregon-made 4Hearts Kombucha, conveniently packed in a can.

If you’re more in the mood for juice or for smoothies, no problem. Try Noka plant-based smoothies, which are “crafted for life on-the-go,” lactose-free Slate chocolate milks, or Suja Organic Elements’ cold-pressed sparkling juices. For end-of-day alcoholic drinks, visit your Beer & Wine Department and ask our stewards for the latest in spring releases from local craft breweries, such as Ninkasi Brewing’s Spring Reign.

Other Great Snack Ideas

Pair Country Archer Provisions’ jerkies and sticks with Back to Nature plant-based crackers, Tim’s Cascade-style potato chips or Wild Harvest organic tortilla chips. Or pair Moon Cheese with Oregon-made Killer Keto Snacks.

Rounding out your sweet tooth, we stock Crispy Green’s freeze-dried fruit snacks, Mid-Day Squares Functional Chocolate Bars, Woppa! cookies; Highkey low-sugar mini cookies and Zazubean organic chocolate bars.

We’re just scratching the surface here, so be sure to wander your Market’s aisles to see what tickles your snacking fancy. Simply grab what you need and get outdoors to enjoy this special time of year as we emerge, like the flowers, from winter.

Published On: March 2nd, 2022

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