House Cheese

House Cheese

House Cheeses – Market of Choice Cheese Shop

Each of our House Cheeses tells a story that begins with the land where it originates and the people who create it. We establish close relationships with those committed to producing superior products through responsible and sustainable practices, locally and abroad. Stop in and ask for a taste!

House Brie

Made by the Isigny Sainte-Mère co-operative in Normandy, France, our Brie displays a mild flavor and smooth, creamy texture. Try it sliced and melted into Panini.

House Cheddar

This three-year-aged, vintage white cheddar from Tillamook, Oregon, has a sharp flavor and crumbly texture. A must-have for cheese boards with nuts, fruits and artisan meats.

House Chèvre

From Cypress Grove in California comes this tangy, creamy chèvre that’s a Market Cheese Shop favorite. Top with preserves or use as a sandwich or bagel spread.

House Feta

Our tangy house feta from Valbreso is made in France using 100% Lacaune sheep’s milk and features a subtle saltiness and creamy-yet-firm texture.

House Gorgonzola

Handcrafted by Amish artisans in Cambria, Wisconsin, using hormone-free milk, our Gorgonzola has a firm texture and a buttery, slightly salty flavor. Enjoy it crumbled in salads or melted atop steaks or hamburgers.

House Mozzarella

Made seasonally and hand-stretched in-house by our Cheesemongers, our fresh mozzarella is tender and delicious. Perfect for caprese or pasta salad, it’s also fantastic in lasagna or melted atop your favorite pizza.

House Parmesan

A favorite for Italian dishes, our Parmesan is known for its full flavor, tantalizing aroma and hard texture. Enjoy it shredded over pasta or shaved for salads. Or create taste-tempting crisps by baking heaping tablespoons of shredded Parmesan on a parchment-lined pan in a 350º oven 5-7 min, until melted and bubbly, then cool. Yum!