Joie Energy Joie Energy
Joie Energy - Blood Orange Passion Joie Energy - Blood Orange Passion
Joie Energy - Lemon Ginger Joie Energy - Lemon Ginger
Joie Energy - Lime Raspberry Joie Energy - Lime Raspberry

Inspired by their home and place of production in the Pacific Northwest, founders Kristin Howard and George Allam believe in simple perfection and happy energy. Joie Energy drinks are made with clean, natural ingredients to facilitate focused and exhilarating energy without unnecessary additives, artificial “junk” or harmful preservatives. Crafted with Arabica coffee beans for strong, natural caffeine, pure nootropic I-theanine for vitamins and natural gellan gum for digestive support, Joie Energy Drinks come in three delicious flavors: Lemon Ginger, Lime Raspberry and Blood Orange Passion. They are best enjoyed when chilled to icy perfection.

Joie Energy Drinks are vegan, contain no genetically modified organisms, and come packaged in cans that are completely BPA-free, meeting the most stringent requirements in California, and 100% recyclable. Kristin and George continue to consider environmental impact in every business decision they make as they grow in order to help preserve the planet for generations to come.

The company is made up of an extremely talented group of people with a diverse range of professional backgrounds including production management, physical therapy, graphic design and fishing — all with deep roots in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

“Market of Choice has been an absolute pleasure to work with! We are grateful to the MOJO program for facilitating our sales out of MoC’s stores around Oregon. Additionally, every store manager and employee that we have interacted with while working with MoC has been so helpful and friendly. We look forward to continuing to grow with MoC.”

Published On: August 11th, 2023

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