There’s more than one way to keep your summer cool

It may be hot outside, but inside your Market of Choice, our chillers and freezers are keeping your favorite summer beverages and frozen desserts good and cold, whether you want to hydrate with cool bottled water or you’re hankering for a throat-chilling frozen fruit bar.

Chilled beverages

Your Market chills a host of beverages to suit a range of tastes. Sparkling water and seltzer brands we carry include Nixie Organic Sparkling Waters, LaCroix and Polar Seltzers. We also chill sparkling probiotic drinks, tonics and CBD-infused water, such as Doctor D’s Organic Sparkling Probiotic Drinks, Sunwink Sparkling Wellness Tonics and Wyld CBD Sparkling Waters. For still-water lovers, consider Essentia Water, or for replenishing electrolytes, try Hoist IV-Level Hydration in several flavors

Beyond water, you’ll discover kombuchas, cold-brew coffees, protein drinks, coconut waters, sparkling juices, natural sodas and more: Try deliciously refreshing Brew Dr. Organic Kombuchas or the cool flavor combos of Rowdy Mermaid Organic Kombuchas; plant-based Kitu Super Coffees are super creamy and satisfying; low-sugar Koia Protein Drinks are keto friendly; Wild Harvest’s Coconut Water is simply 100% coconut water; Suja Organic’s juices and sparkling juices are cold pressed; and Olipop sodas support digestive health. Beyond these, there are plenty more brands to explore.

Of course, your Market’s Beer & Wine Department chills many craft beers, hard ciders and canned wines for your immediate enjoyment. Some of our favorite seasonals include Cascade Brewing’s Oregon Summer, a sour wheat ale aged in oak barrels with blackberries, boysenberries and lavender, and Tumalo Cider Co.’s Huckleberry Lemon Cider, which is fruity, tart and refreshing. Ask your Market Beer & Wine steward to recommend our best in chilled summer brews and wines.

Ice cream and frozen desserts

What better way to stay cool in the summer than with a delicious, creamy frozen dessert? Your Market offers traditional ice creams plus dairy-free and plant-based picks. Try Alden’s Organic ice creams or dairy-free frozen desserts, or ice cream from Acme Valley, Van Leeuwen and Coolhaus. Peekaboo’s organic ice cream includes hidden veggies, like carrots or zucchini, in its flavor blends – a win, win for the kids! For fans of ice cream sandwiches and frozen fruit bars, try Cream’wich ice cream sandwiches, Formula Brew Booch Pops or JonnyPops frozen fruit and cream bars. Your Market also carries authentic frozen gelatos and sorbettos from Talenti. In addition, find Eugene, Oregon-based Cosmic Bliss plant-based frozen desserts in several wonderful flavors; and Nada Moo! ice cream is both dairy-free and vegan.

Groovy smoothies

Those who are not in the mood for ice cream, may want to consider a cold smoothie. LiveMore Organic’s plant-based and dairy-free smoothie cups, found in the frozen food aisle, are delicious, fruity and 100% organic.

Or, visit your Market Barista for a made-to-order smoothie, free of any added sugar, syrup, preservatives or extra ice that would water down the taste. Our smoothies come in four refreshing flavors – Oregon Cane Berry, Strawberry Pucker, Tropical Monkey, Strawberry Banana – and there’s a seasonal flavor, too, so be sure to ask your Market Barista what’s new.

As you sip or savor your cold summer treat – brain freeze, yes, please! – rest assured that there are plenty more to try the next time you need to cool off. And if you need a bag of ice to keep your beverages cool in your cooler, we’ve got ice, too.

Published On: August 4th, 2022

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