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Kurzhal Family Kickin’ Pickles has been tempting taste buds and piquing the interest of pickle fans since their first homemade batch, based on a family recipe, back in 2010.

“It was Grandma Jean’s garlic dill pickle recipe and Dad added the extra kick with jalapeno and red chiles,” says Holly Kurzhal. “We would always ask for more pickles when we went to visit, so one year he had us make pickles with him.”

They shared that initial batch of pickles during the holidays with friends and family, who promptly encouraged the Kurzhals to start selling them. They sold their first bottles at the Veneta Downtown Farmers Market, then quickly kicked their operation into high gear after we tasted their amazing pickles and asked them how soon we could get them on our shelves.

“The rest is history … here we are today!” Holly says. “We’ve always loved pickles, so we felt it was meant to be when we started our business.”

Holly and her husband, Matt, manage the family farm in Noti west of Eugene. They grow their own cucumbers and peppers to ensure freshness. “We take pride in every jar,” Holly says. “We hand pick, hand cut, and hand pack it all!”

The whole family pitches in to help run the business. “My daughter, Matia, has been helping in the kitchen this year and the two younger boys, Silas and Brier, have started harvesting cucumbers to make money by the pound,” Holly says. “My sister helps when she can. My parents are always helping with the kids, and always marketing our products to everyone they know! My Aunt Pat helps when we have events and works our booths. I could not have my business if it wasn’t for my family and helpful friends!”

The family is committed to environmentally sound agriculture and practices no-till farming to minimize fuel and emissions, Holly says. “We are using a layered row bed system consisting of resources that are sourced from our own property and surrounding valley. We do not use pesticides or chemicals. We use Mother Earth resources for our gardening.”

In addition to pickles, the Kurzhals have expanded their product line to include asparagus, beans, pickled eggs, salsa, sweet pepper mustard, and even a Bloody Mary Mix.

“We were so happy that Market of Choice called us to be part of their store nine years ago,” Holly says. “We would not be where we are without Market of Choice!”

Published On: December 2nd, 2021

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