Lillie Belle Farms Handmade Chocolates, of Central Point, Oregon, has been selling its fine-crafted chocolates at Market of Choice since 2006. Owner and head chocolatier, Jeff Shepherd, says it’s the attention to detail that sets Lillie Belle’s chocolates apart. The chocolate molds are still poured by hand and the signature chocolate bars are still filled by hand, too. Among Market of Choice customers’ favorite Lillie Belle bars are The Most Awesome Chocolate Bar Ever and the Oregon Hazelnut. Lillie Belle’s focus is on quality, says Shepherd, who uses high-quality ingredients so consumers know they’re getting exactly what the chocolate label says it is. “We make little things that make people happy,” he says. “That’s the reward.” Find Lillie Belle Farms chocolates in your Market Bakery.

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Published On: May 11th, 2021

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