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Make some more s’mores

You’ve heard of a charcuterie board, complete with everything you and your guests need to satisfy your savory snack cravings. For dessert, it’s time for a s’mores board! Grab a board and load it with sweet and delicious goodies to create the best s’mores dessert sandwich imaginable.

What belongs on a s’mores board? From classic picks to creative additions, your Market has what you need to gather everyone around the grill or campfire. Grab some long forks, or metal or wooden skewers, and make those s’mores.

For fans of the “classic s’more”

At the very least, your s’mores board should have these traditional ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. Your Market’s artisan chocolate bar offerings range from semi-sweet to dark chocolate, and from plain chocolate to those with extra special flavorings, such as CoCaCAO’s Blueberry chocolate bites or Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bar. Even Honey Hot Fudge, a Sundae Sauce from Sugarpine Drive-In, works great for those who like their s’mores really gooey. Beyond the traditional marshmallow offerings, your Market also carries Dandies vegan marshmallows.

To make a classic s’mores sandwich, break each graham sheet in half for the sandwich top and bottom. On foil, place a piece of chocolate on one graham cracker half and set on the edge of the grill or near the campfire to warm and soften the chocolate. Using a long fork or skewer, toast your marshmallows over the heat and then carefully slide the marshmallows off the skewer onto the other graham cracker half. Squish the two halves together and enjoy.

For creative types

Beyond those classic ingredients, s’mores can be as loaded and decadent as the s’mores builder desires. Your Market is a trove of s’mores-ready possibilities. Instead of graham crackers, try wafers or shortbread cookies found in your Market’s cookie aisle. Want to stray from chocolate? White chocolate or toffee bars make excellent alternatives. Or try any number of nut butters, such as JEM Organics Cashew Butter or Laurel Brand Hazelnut Butter. Sugarpine Drive-In also makes an outstanding Miso Caramel sauce for your extra gooey consideration. Feeling fruity? Visit our Produce Department for fresh summer berries.

For added crunch and flavor, crumble Oreo cookies, peanut butter cups, or salted pretzels atop your marshmallows before closing the sandwich. Or explore your Market’s Bulk food aisles for an array of roasted nuts and sweets that make excellent s’mores toppings when crushed and crumbled. Even a sprinkle of sea salt – try Portland Salt Co.’s Toast Sugar – will up your s’mores game

Last-minute additions

If you don’t have a charcuterie board, then head over to your Market’s Home & Gift Department to find serving boards of several sizes. You’ll also find skewers, perfect for roasting marshmallows. Ask a team member to help you find what you’re looking for to make your s’mores board a lip-smacking success.

Published On: July 26th, 2022

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