Summer Camping

When preparing for your next camping trip, head to your Market to find everything you want to make your outdoor adventures safe, fun and delicious, and create a campsite that feels like home away from home.

From the food to feed your hungry crowd to the sun protection that keeps your crew cool and protected, you’ll find all that you need and maybe even a few things that will surprise you.

The Practical Side of Home & Gift

Our Home & Gift Department is a treasure trove, chock full of practical and engaging items that change with the seasons.

Keep the kids amused on the drive to the campsite or when they get bored with our unique selection of board games, puzzles, coloring books and colored pencils. Entice them to explore nature with Fiona Cohen’s delightfully illustrated “Curious Kids Nature Guide” in hand.

You’ll also discover books on hiking, cycling and kayaking. These guides make planning a memorable daytime outing from the comfort of your tent or hammock possible.

Health and Safety, We’ve Got You Covered

We carry many Whole Health items to keep you comfortable outdoors. Choose from a variety of wide-brimmed sun hats for maximum coverage, paraben- and paba-free sunscreens, lip balms and all-natural bug repellents.

Don’t fret if you’re out of batteries for your flashlights, or matches and kindling to light the campfire, or citronella candles to ward off pesky mosquitos. No problem – we stock all those little things that you’ll regret not having once you’re settled.

Want to be sure your campers eat healthy? You’ll find many good-for-you snacks and drinks for car travel or the campsite, including for those on special diets. Pick from an assortment of choices, from Fair-Trade chocolates to nutrition bars, low-sugar natural candies to organic and gluten-free chips, sparkling waters to naturally fermented kombuchas—the options are endless!

Our Bulk Department is your go-to for trail mixes, shelled and salted nuts and dried fruits. Pack all the snacks in Now Designs’ Forage & Gather insulated lunch sack, and store the drinks in your preferred size of beverage canteens, such as Hydro Flask.

Plan Your Meals

Last, but certainly not least, we have everything you’ll want to serve truly camp-worthy meals.

Visit your Market Kitchen and Market Bakery for freshly prepared gourmet sandwiches, salads, charcuterie trays full of tasty meats, cheeses and crackers, and delicious baked treats that pack well in the cooler.

Head over to our Meat & Seafood Department for pre-rubbed or marinated meats, kabobs, burgers and house-made sausages or fresh seafood to cook to perfection on your camp stove or grill.

We carry grilling staples, too, such as locally made barbecue sauces and rubs, fresh citrus and herbs, as well as grill mats and grilling tools, including Grillight accessories to light the grill for cooks after dark.

No camping trip is complete without fresh, colorful produce bursting with flavor. Grab some corn on the cob, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, peaches, plums – all you will need to grill great side dishes or to build and cook delicious kebobs or fruit kebabs. Even watermelon, summer’s quintessential fruit, packs easily and delivers thirst-quenching relief. Your summer campout wouldn’t feel right without it.

Once the sun has gone down on the campsite, be ready with plenty of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to make s’mores. And for the adults in the camping party, our Beer & Wine department is the place to find a great selection of locally made brews, fine wines and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy when the stars are out.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask one of our Market teammates to point you in the right direction. With so many options to make your campsite comfortable, your home away from home will have all that you need to stay away for another day.

Published On: July 21st, 2021

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