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As the former chef and owner of Redwing Cafe in SE Portland, Joey Gleason has had her feet firmly planted in the city’s food and beverage scene for more than 20 years. In 2009, Joey shifted her focus, turning her passion for roasting coffee into a meaningful, community-minded business called Marigold Coffee.

This LGBTQ+ owned business is operated by Joey and her sister, Cassy Gleason, who are intent on building direct relationships with small farms and cooperatives that grow premium coffee.

Their seasonal, high-quality coffee is available in several varieties: Squirrel Rhapsody, Kaleidoscope Blend, Roaster’s Choice, Truly Delicious Decaf, Ethiopian Seasonal and Daydreamer Bold Blend. These coffees are roasted at Buckman Coffee Factory, a unique, shared-space facility in Portland and a sister company to Marigold Coffee.

“Coffee is a grand connector, and we feel lucky to play our part in this chain of interconnection,” Cassy says.

Although Marigold Coffee is a small company, Joey and Cassy pride themselves on “giving big,” she says. “Marigold contributes to local nonprofits on a regular basis, whenever we can.”

One of these relationships began in 2018, when Marigold Coffee partnered with Street Roots, a Portland-based nonprofit that creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty. In support of Street Roots, Marigold Coffee roasts a line of coffees, The Poet – Street Roast and The Artisan – Street Roast. Profits from the sale of these coffees support Street Roots Vendors, those who sell the Street Roots paper in the Portland area. Street Roast coffees are available for purchase at select Market of Choice locations, as well as online.

“Market of Choice was one of our very first grocery partners,” Cassy says. “Their commitment to local, high-quality craft producers is one of the reasons why Market of Choice stands out among stores.”

Marigold Coffee packages its roasted beans with the environment in mind, using sustainable, almost entirely compostable packaging, called Biotre. “Our coffee doesn’t last forever, and we don’t think our packaging should either,” she says.

Enjoy Marigold Coffee using a variety of methods, including drip, pour-over, French press, cold-brewed or espresso-style. Drink it black, add milk or cream – whatever floats your boat! Fresh is best. A quality grinder is a must, too.

“We love making great coffee!” Cassy says.

Published On: April 11th, 2022

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