Cold Sandwiches

Cold Sandwiches

Cold Sandwiches – Market of Choice Kitchen

There’s something so satisfying about sinking your teeth into a well-crafted sandwich. Layered with flavor, our cold sandwiches come together with inventive ingredients and freshly baked breads. Whether it’s a terrific twist on a classic or something brand new to you, you’re sure to find a new favorite. Made fresh at your Market Kitchen, each one is truly unique. Grab some napkins and be sure to try them all!

Club On A Sub

The Market Club on a Sub

Classic Club sandwich ingredients of smoky bacon, all natural turkey and shaved deli ham stacked on a hoagie-style roll.

Oregon Orchard Chicken

Oregon Orchard Chicken Salad Croissant

An all-butter, flakey croissant is filled with our Oregon Orchard chicken salad. We add a schmear of cranberry spread and baby arugula to top it off.

Santa Maria Tri Tip

Santa Maria Tri-Tip Sandwich

Succulent Santa Maria Tri-Tip is piled on a soft, freshly baked telera roll slathered with mayo, smokehouse barbecue sauce, tomato slices and crisp red onions.

Turkey Bacon Gouda

Turkey, Bacon, Gouda Pretzel Croissant

Our crunchy, crumbly Pretzel Croissant is spread with sweet cherry preserves and a smoky Gouda spread, then topped with our premium turkey breast and crisp bacon. A fantastic flavor bomb!

Yo Adrienne

Market Kitchen Italian Grinder

Loaded with classic deli salami like Coppa & Italian dry, deli ham and provolone cheese on our big, soft deli roll. Take big bites of this Italian grinder to satisfy any craving for this classic.