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Jesica Oliverio discovered Yerba Maté while working early morning hours at a co-op grocery store in Portland, Oregon. She later found that the drink also made a great night life beverage, providing natural mood enhancements and clear-headed energy for social engagements. Unfortunately, as Jesica would soon learn, most Yerba Maté drinks on the market are made with tea extract and artificial sweeteners that leave an unpleasant aftertaste. That’s when she set out to make a tasty Yerba Maté drink with straightforward flavors and real ingredients that allow the tea’s unique flavor to shine through. 

Maté Party sparkling Yerba Maté is traditionally brewed from organic tea and handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. This woman-owned business uses real ingredients, little sugar and never a drop of extract. 

With a mission to party on, Big Fun Beverages donates to organizations fighting global warming, including Sunrise Movement and Elakha Alliance. Every decision made at Maté Party is through the lens of care, from choosing organic ingredients to aluminum cans and composting waste products. 

“Working with Market of Choice has been a real blast! I am incredibly thankful they were willing to support this small business, especially in a market as competitive as beverages.”

Published On: September 1st, 2023

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