Mickelberry Gardens

Little did Madelyn and Matt Morris know when they took a class in organic beekeeping back in 2007 that the two beehives they established in their Portland backyard would become the springboard for a 30-acre operation and home to 20 hives.

In 2011, the husband-and-wife team launched Mickelberry Gardens, crafting a variety of healing remedies using what their beehives produced: plenty of raw honey, propolis and beeswax.

Closely aligned in mission with Market of Choice, Mickelberry Gardens enjoys its place in the Pacific Northwest as an independent, family-owned business that focuses considerable effort in giving back to the community and to organizations that enhance bee health, plant diversity, water conservation, land stewardship and equity.

The more bees the merrier, they say. “We raise bees in several yards and farms, and work with local beekeepers and farmers to source the finest Pacific Northwest ingredients available,” Madelyn says.

Found in the Whole Health aisles of your Market, Mickelberry Gardens herbal honey tonics, for example, are deeply nourishing and restorative, offering many healing benefits. Look for their Elderberry Honey Tonic, Ginger Honey Tonic, Pollen Honey Tonic, Throat & Lung Honey Tonic or Fire Cider. Enjoy them by the teaspoon, added to warm tea, as a dressing for vegetables, or mixed into sparkling water for a refreshing beverage. Some of Mickelberry Gardens’ most popular tonics are also available as sprays.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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Published On: August 18th, 2021

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