Charmed by the peaceful tea fields of Uji, Japan, Lauren Purvis made it her mission to share her fondness for matcha tea with her own Portland community, through the meaningful connections she’s made overseas.

Blessed to travel to many places throughout her life, tea was a constant that Lauren consumed and collected information about everywhere she went, starting in middle school.

Today, she owns and operates Mizuba Tea Co. and works closely with small, family-run farms in Uji, Japan, to produce six grades of 100% authentic, shade-grown, stone-ground matcha.

Lauren’s company also produces Japanese heritage loose-leaf teas, rarely found outside of Japan and carefully chosen from select farmers and producers.

For more than 800 years, matcha is the only tea to have been used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Lauren honors and values matcha to bring people together and start conversations. Antioxidant-rich and easy to prepare, matcha contains nutrients from the entire tea leaf.

Discover the magic of Mizuba Tea Co.’s versatile matcha teas, which also make a great ingredient for baking! Try their recipe for Mizuba Matcha Layer Cake.

Discover more local makers, here.

Published On: June 21st, 2021

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