Monkey Brittle

When their friend and raw food chef, Amy Sue, created a batch of delicious banana and nut brittle, Tonya and Ryan Huggins couldn’t help but turn it into a product and bring it to market. The couple got to work establishing their production kitchen and designing packages.

“We felt like this was such a great product for so many people, that we had to get it out to them,” Ryan said.

Monkey Brittle PackageMonkey Brittle is made using only three ingredients: organic bananas, organic tree nuts, and organic raisins. The result is a delicious, crunchy treat that tastes just like banana bread. Even their two young boys can’t get enough of it. Their kids’ enthusiasm for the snack inspires Tonya and Ryan to keep making their brittle available to others who enjoy healthy and delicious snack foods.

Monkey Brittle is now available in three delicious flavors. Every variety begins with organic bananas and organic tree nuts. Their new Coconut Cacao flavor adds rich coconut flakes, raw cacao, and sea salt, while their Strawberry Banana Crunch incorporates organic strawberries for a naturally sweet-tart flavor. The Huggins enjoy watching their brand evolve and grow right along with their family; they’re now expecting a baby girl in February of 2024! Interacting with happy customers and witnessing the impact of their product is another source of joy for the growing family.

“We just hope people enjoy Monkey Brittle as much as we do, and that they appreciate the clean, healthy ingredients that go into it,” Tonya said.

Working with Market of Choice has been an exciting experience for the co-owners, as it is the first multi-regional grocer they have contracted with.

“With the level of support we’ve received from Market of Choice you can tell that they really care about locally produced foods,” Ryan said.

Published On: December 13th, 2023

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