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As part of our ongoing efforts to offer customers more local choices, we’re working with purpose to make it even easier to onboard new Oregon food and beverage makers.

Local makers, as well as national and international vendors, seeking to find a place for their products in our Markets will find it easier than ever before to apply for our consideration.

Not only does our online New Vendor Guide provide step-by-step guidance through the product evaluation process, but it also offers translated versions in multiple languages to help makers within a variety of communities move forward through our process.

As a local company, Market of Choice truly values the diversity of local makers and the amazing array of choices they offer our customers. Working with purpose, we are always on the lookout for new, locally made items to suit a variety of lifestyle choices.

We believe our support of local makers builds healthier communities, creates meaningful jobs and strengthens Oregon’s economy. That full-circle philosophy is the guiding principle behind our new online vendor application process.

Our new guide charts the application progress at each step – even if you need to leave and come back to it – letting vendors know what’s needed to complete the necessary forms.

Through our MOJO and Amplify programs, we offer Oregon entrepreneurs guidance, development support, distribution solutions and amplification at the store-level and through social media. We also partner with passionate like-minded organizations that uplift food and beverage makers by offering training, mentoring and financing to grow their businesses.

Farmers, ranchers, fisherfolk, food and beverage producers – we value our relationships with all of our local producers. We are purposeful, too, in our celebration of local BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Woman owned maker businesses.

By carrying local products and supporting local makers, we’re contributing to the health and vitality of our local food system.

If you are a local maker who would like to see your products on our store shelves, check out our new online application process – we look forward to learning more about your products!

Published On: June 17th, 2021

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