The New Vendor Profile Form provides the information we need to establish your company as an authorized seller/vendor to Market of Choice.

By completing this form and upon approval:

  • Your company and information can be loaded into our accounting system, so that we can pay you for your products.

  • Your company will be assigned a MOC vendor number. The vendor number corresponds with the accounting system and is printed on the shelf tags so that our stores know how to reorder your products.
  • You assert and confirm that you are complying with governmental entities that oversee the production of safe food products at an inspected and approved commercial kitchen or production facility.
  • You will provide our marketing department with information that makes it possible for us to share your website and social media channels with our customers.

GETTING STARTED: What type of vendor are you?

You DO NOT need to fill out the New Vendor Profile Form: If you are going to distribute your items through a distributor or re-distributor that already does business with Market of Choice. We will already be working with that distributor and they are already setup in our accounting system.

You DO need to complete the New Vendor Profile Form if:

  • You are going to distribute your items yourself (Direct-Store-Delivery).

  • You are shipping directly to our stores through FEDEX, UPS, USPS or another service.

  • You are going to distribute your products to our stores through our MOJO program.