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Rajiv Harry, owner of the plant-based sauces company Plant Bomb! in Portland, has deep family roots in Trinidad and Tobago, the dual-island nation in the Caribbean. There, cooking and sharing food go hand in hand, a tradition he learned through his father.

“Plant Bomb! is a compilation of my life’s work,” Rajiv says. “It pairs my passion for food, working as a chef for 10 years, and my passion as a health and wellness coach, helping others embrace a healthier existence.”

Plant Bomb! produces three plant-based sauces, all of which are vegan and only include a handful of ingredients.

Plant Bomb! Thai Almond combines lime juice, agave, garlic, ginger, bird’s eye chili and almond butter, instead of peanuts, to create an extra delicious kick to add to your favorite Thai dishes or noodles and bowls. Garlic Tahini embodies the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean, combining cumin, garlic and lemon juice. It pairs well with salads and bowls and also makes a fantastic dip.

The company’s flagship sauce, Caribbean Peppa, is a versatile choice that goes great with anything, especially bowls, tacos, breakfast foods and Indian cuisine. Try drizzling it over a bowl of steaming hot Chana and Aloo, a traditional recipe from Rajiv’s father, rooted in the East Indian culture of Trindad and Tobago.

“I created Plant Bomb! to make plant-based eating more fun, flavorful and accessible; nutritious food is for everyone,” says Rajiv, who partners with Market of Choice as a BIPOC-owned business and local maker. “Our sauces are a bridge-builder to connecting families to eating healthier plant-based foods on a regular basis.”

A family man, Rajiv, his wife, Amanda, and their two young daughters embrace a plant-based lifestyle. He also teaches healthy cooking classes to inner-city youths in Portland, educating then on how to cook and the importance of eating nutritious foods.

“My vision for Plant Bomb! is to connect folks to eating healthy plant-based foods without sacrificing flavor.”

Published On: March 24th, 2022

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