When Katie McCarron’s 14-year-old poodle, Rosie, wasn’t eating and began to dwindle, a visit to the vet didn’t provide her much hope.

“The vet had given up on her,” Katie recalls, with the vet giving her beloved pet about two months to live. Katie returned home determined to do something to help Rosie. She started cooking, preparing vegetables, meats and grains in her home kitchen. Rosie started eating. “She lived to almost 17,” Katie says.

Thanks to Rosie and her health rebound, Katie began to research the pet food industry, learning that very few natural pet food options were available. With her background in nutrition, she launched Portland Pet Food Company, with the goal of producing all natural pet foods and pet treats for dogs and cats. The company’s motto – “Feed your pet like you feed yourself” – lets pet owners know right off the bat that this pet fare is all natural and human-grade.

“All of our ingredients are those that you would find in your own pantry,” Katie says. Made with local meats, vegetables and grains from trusted partners, there are no mystery ingredients—each meal or treat has 11 or fewer ingredients listed on its label.

“We use Bob’s Red Mill flours, and we work with local breweries to use their spent grains. We also offer grain-free options in our treat line.”

With meal names like Chicken & Yams, Salmon & Rice or gluten-free Pork N’ Potato Grain, it’s easy to see why Rosie’s appetite returned. Each meal pouch is microwave safe or can be placed into a pot of hot water to be warmed up.

Portland Pet Food Company donates 5% of its company profits to local animal shelters and their rescue programs. Katie says her customers appreciate knowing that their purchases help not only their own pets, but also pets in shelters.

Market of Choice has been supportive of Portland Pet Food Company from the beginning, Katie says. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without that early support of our products.”

Find a selection of Portland Pet Food Company’s all natural pet foods at your Market of Choice.

Published On: September 21st, 2022

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