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Influenced by global travel and well-practiced as home cooks, Becca and Justin Christiansen sought to create artisan salt blends that would elevate meals created for enjoyment at the family table or for entertaining friends.

“With perfect proportions of sea salt drawn from the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean and all-natural spices, our artisan blends provide balance and complexity to a range of dishes,” Becca says. “Our methodology is rooted in salt’s unique ability to enhance the taste and our experience of food.”

Their flagship blend, Steak Salt, started it all for Portland Salt Co. Becca recalls that during the pandemic, when social gatherings and shared meals were at a standstill, friends and family requested that she ship them some of her homemade “steak salt,” a salt-forward blend with garlic, onion, black pepper and just a hint of cayenne. “This overwhelming love for Steak Salt gave us the boost we needed to decide to bring it to market,” she says.

Now, with three artisan salt blends that are vegan, keto- and paleo-friendly, Portland Salt Co. is invested in helping more people enjoy cooking and entertaining by creating meals that are inspired, flavorful, memorable and easy to make.

Although made to season steak, Steak Salt is also tasty with fish, potatoes or other vegetables.

Their Pita Salt blends thyme sourced from Morocco and Egypt with tart sumac, sesame seeds, sea salt and hints of cumin and coriander. Pair it with hummus or labneh to season spreads, or use it in marinades for fish, chicken and lamb. A pinch of Pita Salt also takes avocado toast or eggs to another level.

On the sweet side, Toast Sugar blends vanilla sugar with cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses and just a touch of sea salt. “The salt balances the flavors and rounds out the sweetness,” Becca says. Try it on classic buttered toast or use it to enhance your French toast, granola, nut butters, lattes and cookies.

Find all three salt blends in the grocery aisles at your Market of Choice.

“Market of Choice is an incredible company who not only commits to but also executes on the core values of supporting local brands and makers,” Becca says. “They have helped support our onboarding into retail through marketing support and mentorship to ensure we maximize our chances of success on the retail floors. We are very grateful to Market of Choice and are so proud to partner with them.”

Published On: November 19th, 2022

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