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Based out of their farmhouse dating to the 1870s in southwest Eugene, Jessica Jones and Scott Perkins are the beekeepers behind Queen’s Bounty Honey, that liquid gold produced by their “busy winged friends” who collect the nectars from local wildflowers and blackberry brambles all within 10 miles from their home.

“We love supporting our local pollinators, while we cultivate local, raw honey,” says Jessica, who with Scott does everything within the business, from tending the bees and harvesting honey to packaging their product. “There’s no supply chain of honey brokers stretching across the continents (to make Queen’s Bounty).”

Scott started beekeeping years ago as a hobby. He earned a Master Beekeeper certificate through the Oregon State University Extension Service and also spent several years working for commercial beekeepers, learning how to care for bees on a grander scale. From two hives back in his early days of beekeeping to the more than dozens of hives he and Jessica have now, Queen’s Bounty is the fruit of Scott’s beekeeping mastery.

Queen’s Bounty produces two kinds of honey, Wildflower and Blackberry. Blackberry Honeycomb is seasonally available, too.

The raw honey is unpasteurized and unfiltered, fully reflecting the terroir of where the bees collect their nectar, much like a wine reflects the terroir of where the grapes are grown.

Enjoy Queen’s Bounty honey drizzled atop your oatmeal, or a spoon of it in your tea or over fruit. Even whisk it into a vinaigrette or blend it into your next homemade barbecue sauce or glaze.

Queen’s Bounty honey also is an excellent ingredient for baking, whether to replace sugar or to add a touch of natural sweetness. Try making Jessica’s Honey Bourbon Pecan Pie this holiday season. You won’t be sorry!

Find Queen’s Bounty in the Cheese Department at Market of Choice.

“We love working with Market of Choice as it has been a great partner to a small, local brand like us,” Jessica says. The company has participated in Market of Choice’s MOJO program, which gives guidance, development support, targeted funding, distribution solutions and amplification at the store level.

Jessica adds, “The department managers have been great at reaching out and including us in programs.”

Published On: December 1st, 2021

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