Grilling Recipes

  • Fresh Salmon with Fennel, Lemon and Butter

    Our whole grilled fresh salmon is super easy to make, and more importantly, delicious. Simply add the fennel, lemon and butter and grill to flaky perfection.

  • Keto Greek Chicken Skewers with Mezze

    Your local Market of Choice makes keto cooking easy with a fresh and easy Greek skewer recipe. Simply cube, marinate, skewer, and grill the chicken.

  • Coffee Rubbed New York Steaks

    Our recipe for coffee rubbed steak starts with Oregon espresso roast ground coffee beans, which add a sublime flavor to these delicious steaks.

  • Halibut Steaks With Sicilian Herb Marinade

    Fresh halibut just can’t be beat, and this Sicilian preparation takes it to a new level (the marinade is also excellent on other white fish, shrimp, and chicken).

  • Danielle’s Sauces: Chiliyaki Salmon

    Give your next fresh salmon fillet an extra spicy kick by combining melted butter with Danielle’s Sauces Chilyaki Spicy Teriyaki, then brushing the sauce mixture onto the salmon as it finishes cooking.

  • Grilled Peruvian Spatchcock Chicken with Charred Tomato Salad

    Make a sensational summer meal featuring our Block & Blade Peruvian Spatchcock Chicken and a tasty grilled tomato salad that pops with fantastic flavor. Simply mix grilled tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese and fresh basil to serve alongside the grilled chicken – so good!

  • Grilled Peaches with Charred Cabbage & Chèvre

    Grilling peaches assists in concentrating their juicy sweetness and can help soften even slightly underripe fruit. Our choice is to keep the preparation simple, so that the fruit can shine as the star in this recipe.

  • Block & Blade Mixed Grill With Firecracker Slaw

    Your Market of Choice Meat & Seafood Department has delicious choices for your summer grilling menu. Check out these tasty recipes!

  • Cowboy Steak with Sweet Corn Hash

    A juicy steak that’s cooked in a cast iron skillet tastes amazing, especially when you baste it in butter, garlic and herbs.