Partner Recipes

Carlton Farms: Holiday ‘Mock’ Porchetta

Pork wrapped in pork! This play on “Porchetta” replaces the traditional pork belly with our moist and juicy pork tenderloin. Full of herbs and artfully wrapped in Carlton Farms select bacon, this crowd pleaser is flavorful, filling and fun!

Beeler’s Pork: Chorizo Cheese Dip

You’ll be reaching for the chips to taste this delicious cheesy, tangy Chorizo Cheese Dip. Diced tomatoes and green chiles give this dip an extra zing.

Beeler’s Pork: Bourbon Citrus Glazed Ham

Salty and sweet flavors pair beautifully in this Bourbon Citrus Glazed Ham. The glaze combines bourbon, maple syrup, orange marmalade and spices for a festive and delicious dressing.

Oregon Heritage Farms: Spiced Apple Muffins

This recipe comes to us from our friends at Oregon Heritage Farms in Hillsboro. Choose local, in-season apples to fully capture that quintessential fall flavor, preferably Jonagold or Honeycrisp.

Stasher: Pesto Chicken Sandwich

This Tasty Pesto Chicken Sandwich is perfect for your next picnic, or as a ready-to-go dinner from home. The basil pesto is nut-free!

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