Soups & Stews Recipes

  • Japanese Pork Curry Udon Noodles

    Japanese curry is milder than Indian curries, with a comforting warm flavor accented by dashi and tamari. Our recipe is fast and easy, poured over delicious udon noodles.

  • Pacific NW Seafood Stew

    This amazing Pacific seafood stew tastes fantastic and can easily be varied with fresh, local fish options. We recommend a blend of clams, mussels, crab, and cod here, which you can easily adjust to your taste. Finish with a deeply flavorful lemon aioli and some toasty garlic bread for an incredibly delicious meal.

  • Citrus Lemon and Orzo Chicken Soup

    Loaded with fresh lemon juice and zest, this warm winter soup has just what the doctor ordered for your cold weather blues.

  • Pumpkin & Apple Soup

    Seasonally available fresh from our Market Produce Department, pie pumpkins and green apples blend together perfectly in this savory, flavorful harvest-time soup.

  • Spicy Tofu Hot Pot

    Our recipe uses local ingredients, like tofu and kimchi, in a delicious and easy-to-make hot soup. Korean tofu hot pots are full of flavor and super healthy. Add a fresh egg on top of the boiling hot soup and quickly stir together!

  • Khalsa Salsa: Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup with Black Bean Salsa

    Warm and spicy, this soup is the perfect flavor combination to enjoy on a cold fall day. Enjoy with extra toppings, like avocado and cilantro.

  • Catalan Seafood Stew

    This amazing Spanish seafood stew tastes fantastic because of several surprising ingredients, starting with Castelvetrano olives, chopped almonds, and a bit of cured serrano ham.

  • Souper Cubes: Instant Pot Rustic Vegetable Soup

    Looking for a summer soup recipe? This delightful, comforting tomato basil soup recipe is a perfect way to use fresh tomatoes while they're in season.

  • LeParfait: Coconut & Curry Chicken Soup

    It’s time to surprise your guests! Make them this delicious and exotic Indian recipe using coconut and curry. A true delicacy!