Zero-Proof Recipes

  • For Bitter For Worse: Smoky Mary

    The Bloody Mary's wiser, more experienced sister. Savory and restorative.

  • For Bitter For Worse: Love Wins

    The Saskatoon takes on a classic sour! If berries could wear maroon velvet and smooch with abandon, this is what they'd drink.

  • For Bitter For Worse: Baby I Love Your Way

    A champagne cocktail, but more flirtatious! Eva's Spritz made lush and luscious (and just a touch sweeter), with rose cordial.

  • Here We Go

    This fresh squeezed, juicy refresher is simple to make and can be adapted to your preferences.

  • Plants By People: Elderberry Blueberry Lime Mocktail

    This refreshing and bubbly Zero Proof cocktail, featuring Plants by People’s Thrive tonic, is meant to boost your immune system.

  • Market Cherry Smash (Zero Proof)

    Refreshingly bitter with lots of flavor up front and a clean finish, this Zero Proof cocktail sets you up for the next sip.

  • Cranberry Spritz (Zero Proof)

    This bright and crisp Zero Proof cocktail is a spin on the classic cranberry vodka and features Oregon-made Som Cordial Cranberry.

  • Smoked Ginger Drop (Zero Proof)

    With a sweet yet peppery punch of ginger, this smoky Zero Proof cocktail is reminiscent of classic cocktails made with Islay Scotch.

  • Sour Bear (Zero Proof)

    For this Zero Proof cocktail, fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juices are essential. The blend of the two adds just enough acidic balance.