Setting a New Standard In Cattle Ranching

You’re going to be as excited about our new partner as we are. Located in the heart of the Columbia basin, Royal Ranch is a family-owned and operated regenerative ranch with a mission to bring foods to market in a way that is healthy for the soil, earth, animals, and community.

The full operation is known as Royal Family Farming, and spans three generations on the land. It consists of interconnected orchards, field crops, dairy, cattle ranch and processing facility. The majority of animal feed is harvested from the field crops and orchards on the farm. Waste is converted into fertilizer, pulling carbon that would typically be released into the air as harmful gasses, back into the earth, nourishing the soil where field crops are grown and continuing the cycle. Taking regenerative practices to a larger scale, Royal Ranch elevates the standard of care with the hope that others in the industry will follow. For our communities, it means a beef supply straight from the ranch that we can all feel good about.

No other ranch in our region uses regenerative practices at the level we have witnessed at Royal Ranch. We are honored to partner with the Allred family, to bring their beef to all of our stores, ultimately to our neighbors’ kitchens. The video is well worth the short time needed to take it all in. It will leave you as impressed as we are.