Market of Choice customers make monetary contributions to their local food bank through our Scan-a-Coupon program every day. At checkout, customers are able to choose the amount they would like to donate and add it to their grocery bill, then use the receipt for tax deduction purposes. It’s an easy way to help hungry neighbors.

Market of Choice gives every dollar collected to the food bank in the community where it is collected. Monetary contributions are essential for food banks, enabling the organization to buy food and cover operational costs.

In 2019, Market of Choice customers donated nearly $165,000 – up almost $25,000 from 2018. Food banks are able to provide three meals for every dollar collected. Combined with our donations of unsold food, we collectively contributed over a million meals in 2019.

During Phase 1 of COVID security measures, many food banks were unable to rescue food from stores. And several food banks have suspended food drives during the pandemic to limit exposure to the virus. These challenging circumstances have made monetary donations even more essential.

Donations received from Market of Choice customers in Bend continue to grow, says NeighborImpact Food Bank Food Resource Specialist Carolyn Candela. “During the holidays, we always see a spike. But even throughout the year, we are seeing an upward trend,” she says.

By focusing our efforts on local organizations, we magnify our reach to marginalized neighbors experiencing hunger. Celia Ferrer, Oregon Food Bank Corporate and Community Relations Manager, says “Market of Choice is a major, long-term partner whose values align with ours.”

Market of Choice and our customers are making a significant difference in the lives of Oregonians who depend on emergency food boxes in the communities we serve, which includes the areas of Portland, Eugene, Bend, Corvallis and Ashland.

We are proud of the partnerships we’ve forged. We appreciate the vital role that food banks play in our communities, and we’re grateful for the ongoing contributions made by our customers. Thank you!

Published On: October 29th, 2020

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