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The peaceful warmth of candlelight is a timeless way to create a welcoming mood in any room. Candles can calm or invigorate, evoke a centering sense of place or inspire renewal and creative thoughts. With an endless variety of room-filling scents, the gentle flicker of candles mixes memories of the past with new possibilities.

Best of all, candles make the perfect gift. Some of the many candles we carry are made right here in Oregon. To support a local business, get one for yourself and give one to someone else. Several feature all natural, eco-friendly ingredients by companies committed to sustainable business practices.


All of Calyan’s candles are made in-house, start to finish, using natural soy wax grown in America with essential oil-infused fragrances. Along with its exceptional candles, Calyan is committed to help end human trafficking and donates 5% of revenue to nonprofit partners. Try Leather + Oak with its soft sandalwood undertones, warm notes of oak and a wisp of incense. Or for a crisp whiff of wintertime, enjoy Evergreen + Eucalyptus with fresh cut fir trees, patchouli and cedar leaf, as well as many more.


A family company based in Redmond, Oregon, Farmhouse Candle Shop is dedicated to handcrafting phthalate-free, lead-free soy wax and cotton-wicked candles. Try sweet-tart Oregon Sage, featuring the scent of Willamette Valley blackberries and desert sage from east of the Cascades. Or enjoy Oregon Rain to fill your senses with the fresh, clean feeling of a new morning with notes of lily, jasmine, rose petals and sandalwood. Simply Vanilla is just that, with its relaxing vanilla scent.


Illume’s unique wax blends have taken years to develop and feature soy, responsibly harvested palm, carnauba, beeswax and food-grade paraffin. The company is committed to crafting environmentally responsible products. Balsam & Cedar is Illume’s quintessential winter fragrance with balsam, oak moss and aromatic cedar wood, as well as touches of cinnamon and eucalyptus. Santal Fig features Persian Galbanum, milky white flowers and creamy coconut blended with sandalwood and amber.

Little Bees

Little Bees of Eugene, Oregon, makes Northwest-sourced, eco-friendly candles from all natural beeswax that are long-lasting and clean-burning without added fragrances. The company promotes a sustainable culture and hand-pours its naturally scented candles, which come wrapped in tree-free paper packaging.

Published On: December 29th, 2020

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